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Have You Just Got a New Android Phone? Here's How To Back It Up

mobile phone coverSo your parents, girlfriend and BFF all pooled their cash together and got you a brand new Android smartphone for Christmas. You said, "you shouldn't have!" but really all you were thinking about what how excited you were to get your hands on that sleek and sexy device. The incredible screen resolution, Lollipop operating system and app interface are all reasons to positively salivate over a new Android like the Nexus 6 or Samsung Galaxy Alpha. But before you start your life on your new smartphone, you have to transfer years of data and information over to a whole new system.

The upgraded Lollipop operating system makes this process fairly foolproof if you use their "Get Your Apps & Data" and "Tap and Go" programs. By interacting with these two tools, you should be able to transfer over passwords, saved wifi networks and even data saved from all of your apps. (This is especially great if you've conquered that hard-to-beat level in Angry Birds.) As long as both phones are registered to the same Google account, you should be good to go. Then head to Google Play and install Helium where you can connect your old phone to your computer via USB and click on the "Backup App Data Only" button. It will give you the option to also install the data from Google Drive, Dropbox and your Google Cloud account. When you plug in your new phone to the same system, you'll have access to all that information. Simply by hitting "restore" and "select all," your new phone can be synced to all of your personal accounts and data.

Imagine having a brand new phone that's backed up with all of your important data, notes and contacts but functions much better than ever before. If you are new to the world of smartphones, their incredible capabilities not only allow you to go online anytime you want, but can help you organize your life and contacts with the help of free apps available for download. Just as important as backing up your data is investing the right protection for your new Android smartphone. In the colder months, phones are more vulnerable to suddenly shutting down at a moment's notice. Factors like dust, grime and finger oils can cause wear and tear on the delicate touch screen. If you care about your phone, you'll want to protect it with a lightweight protective barrier that fits it to the millimeter.

Luckily, such a device exists and it's called a "smartphone skin." The best online retailers craft theirs from 3M vinyl, which is easy to remove, wipe down and replace without leaving a gross, harmful residue behind. Think of it like a well-designed sticker or decal for your phone that can keep it safe from liquid spills and dirt. They're also available in a variety of cool, eye-catching designs. For a high end, longlasting product, check out dbrand, an online company known as the "boss of vinyl skins." They offer skins that will fit several Android models in styles like silver titanium, red carbon fiber and matte white leather. (You can click here to see a range of designs and more information about the company.) Once you've backed up your Android successfully and slapped on a state-of-the-art smartphone sticker, you can truly start to enjoy your new phone's amazing capabilities and functions.

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