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Futuristic Smartphones that the Gadget Freaks Should be Eagerly Waiting For

Futuristic Smartphones2015 has been a brilliant year for new smartphones and this is not yet over. If you are a gadget freak who loves to own some of the best gadgets, then yours is 2016. Every company, whether Samsung or HTC or iPhone or LG, is trying their level best to satiate the needs of their consumers and in this process they are raising the expectations of the consumers to such a level which will one day become impossible to reach. There are also a number of new companies which are coming into the market and all of them share the same goal of including some new features into the phones and satisfying the needs of the people. Let's take a look at some of the best new smartphones that are going to rock the market in 2016.

  • LG G5: Although the LG G4 is still moving towards the racks of the stores, this doesn't slightly imply the fact that the organization has stopped working on its successor. Now that the finger-marking scanner has become a standard component of the bigger budget smartphones, the G5 is all set to bring iris recognition to the forefront again. This means that the upcoming G5 will arrive with a smart eye scanner.
  • Samsung Galaxy s7: Samsung Galaxy 7 would become the next flagship product for Samsung. After they had launched the S6 and the S6 edge, people are desperately waiting for the upcoming launch of S7. There is however no mention of the date of release but as it seems, it might arrive at the market before Mobile World but still there are some other countries which will enter in India if there are no specifiation left.
  • OnePlus Three: OnePlus three will soon become a worthy successor of OnePlus 2. Although there are too many rumours, yet it is true that the newer set will be more powerful and efficient. The previous version was pretty famous for its performance and camera which they were sure enough to impress you. This is why people are expecting some kind of uniqueness when it comes to the launch of OnePLus 3. The CEO might be thinking about the next production in which might arrive at the end of the year.
  • Oppo Find 9: The Oppo find 9 is perhaps the latest upcoming device and it is going to be a big flagship smartphone. This is a worthy successor of Oppo Find 7 which was also counted as one of the best smartphones. There are too many rumours about the introduction of this device but still this product hasn't arrived. With Oppo Find 9, you will get RAM less than 4 GB, 20 mp camera and 8 mp camera in front, 64 GB of inbuilt memory, 5.5 inches screen size and 64 GB inbuilt memory.
  • Apple iPhone 7: After unveiling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S plus, Apple is now looking forward to yet another flagship arrive in 2016. The recent launch of the 6S series is already booming the market. And people are eagerly waiting for the next launch of the Apple iPhone 7 and it has been seen that expectancy has raised leaps and bounds.

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