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Cool Tips and Tricks to Try out on Your Android Marshmallow

Android MarshmallowAfter all the speculations and wait, Android Marshmallow is finally here and as the name suggests, it is just as sweet as we were expecting it to be. Although the user interface is very similar to Lollipop, yet Google has packed in a lot of brand new cool features which you may not realize are there even after using it. There are some cool news behind having such guides which can help you get the most out of your Marshmallow update. If you’ve already got your Marshmallow update but you’re not sure about what to do and what not to do, here are some cool tips and tricks that you can employ.

  • You can now easily uninstall a particular app from the app drawer or home screen

Now that you have installed Android Marshmallow, you can easily uninstall some unwanted app straightaway from your app drawer or home screen just by long pressing on the app and selecting the option of uninstalling. It is in the home screen that you will see options which read ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Remove’. Just hold the app’s icon and drag it to the place you desire. This is undoubtedly one of the neatest ways of uninstalling apps as compared to some other previous versions of Android.

  • Activate the few new developer options

Though it is true that developer options aren’t anything new but there are some brand new ones in the Android Marshmallow update. If you want to use these Developer options, you have to enter Settings, then tap on About Phone and then select Build Number 7 times unless there’s a notification which informs you that you now have the designation of a developer. This is the place where you may get access to OEM unlocking, USB debugging or Show touches.

  • Personalize Quick settings by leveraging UI Tuner

If you want to activate the System UI Tuner, swipe down the Quick Settings menu and hold the settings button for at least 5 seconds. When you release holding the button, you’ll be asked whether or not you like to activate the System UI tuner and it is needless to instruct you that you have to select ‘Yes’. Then tap Quick Settings and continue adding tiles, tap and drag the toggles, delete them. You will see such changes to be soon reflected in the menu of Quick Settings.

  • You can now activate Google Now straight from the lock screen

If you’ve updated your phone with this Marshmallow update, you may have missed the new feature that the shortcut to the dialer has already been ousted by Google Now and this is indeed welcoming change for the potential Android users. You can utilize Google Now to call someone just by speaking things. If you swipe from the left-hand corner of the screen lock system, you will soon receive voice commands.

Therefore, if you’re using a J5 or a J7, you can remain sure that you will receive an automatic software update very soon. If you’re looking for something cool and you want to reap the benefits of this biggest Android update, you can immediately update your phone.

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