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Best Learning iPhone/iPad Apps for Kids

The world is all about smart phones and mobile applications on those phones. In fact a kid who is just 2 years old can operate a smart phone better than a person who is living 24 hours with that mobile phone. Well the theory of learning is also changing with these mobile apps. There are a number of Kids iPad Apps available on smart phones that are making the life of the young parents very easy. These applications are working as a wonderful teacher for their kids.

Best learning apps for kids

What I like the most in these apps is that they contain audio to tell children what to do next and how they have to do it. These iPhone apps work like a real teacher who is available at any time of the day for your kid. Gone are the days when you have to wake your child up early morning and have to send them to the schools when they are half asleep. Going to school is compulsory but with the help of these learning apps you can make your kid more active and ahead of other students in the school.

When you search on the internet you will find children apps in a great number but which application is good enough to be downloaded for your kid. Well here we are discussing about five major iPhone apps that are especially designed for kids under 3 years of age. These apps were made keeping in mind the understanding level of kids and will make them learn their basics very quick and easily.

1. Learn ABC

This application works as a wonderful tool for the kids who are always confused with the alphabets and their pronunciation. This app makes your kid learn ABC in 4 major steps. At first step it will help you in recognizing the sound of the alphabet. The second stage will make your baby confirmed about the alphabet. The third step will take test of your kid and will ask him/her to recognize the alphabet by asking him/her to fill in the missing alphabet. The fourth stage will comprise of a complete quiz for your kid assuring you that he/she is now perfect with the mobile apps.

2. Let's Color

This application is available for iPhone users and allows your kid to enjoy coloring. Well the basic aim of this application is not only coloring but making your ward learn about different colors. Again the application is provided with audio sounds that will help your kid in recognizing the color. The best part is this is more accessible than any coloring book and the collection of different colors at your home. Single platform and abundance of colors! Enjoy!

3. Fun Math

Mathematics is no more a terror. This kids learning app has made parents really relaxed with the worries of having mathematics as a phobia for their kids. This application will provide a step by step learning program for all the basic concepts of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Give them this application to play and see how they change their views about maths.

4. Sweep And Spell

This application is for little big children who are always confused with the spellings. If you think that your ward is weak with spellings then this app will work like an app of wonder for your kid. This will provide with jumbled alphabets and your kid has to solve them right in order to frame a correct word. Isn't it great? Practicing this app will definitely help your kid in becoming a spell-O-master.

5. Subtract with Fun

It has been observed that kids are generally feared of subtraction. Well no more fears now because this application called ‘subtract with fun' will help your kid in becoming a subtraction expert. There will be games, quizzes, images, questions and lots more in the app to make your kid comfortable with subtraction. Download the application now and make your kids grow.

Well these are some amazing kids learning apps that are available in iTunes for the iPhone users. If you have kids who are very small, about to enter the school, introduce them with these applications and give them a huge platform to grow without hesitation.

Kids hesitate to ask their doubts in schools but when they play games they don't. So follow the new pattern of learning with gaming applications. The trend is changing so why should you lag behind?

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