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Be the Privacy Guard of your Smartphone

mobile-privacyYour smartphone plays two concurrent roles in your life - one is your best friend and the other is your worst foe. On one hand –wow! it helps you locate the nearest coffee shop to get a caffeine fix, get in touch with your loved ones and so many other good things. Whereas, on the other hand, if your mobile phone falls in the hands of some it shouldn't have, heck - it can be terrible. Most importantly, it can expose all your important messages, contacts, banking information, location history and other private stuff.

Dear reader, probably, you would also agree to this - your phone is all about privacy. Be it a nagging and super suspicious spouse, mischievous kids or nosy co-workers, anyone can break into your privacy via your phone, if you have not taken any security measure(s) yet. Here are some important tips for you that will help you secure your private data from the intruders.

Lock you mobile phone - This is one of the primary steps to take. You might be thinking and chuckling-who doesn't know that-right? Well, although it is an obvious and simple way to limit unauthorized access to your phone, there are people who are lazy enough to not do that. A 4-digit pin is one of the commonly used password format and can frustrate the intruders to a great extent for not being able to peep into your phone. However, using alphanumeric pins is a better idea. Also, change your screen lock settings to lock automatically after few seconds or minutes when not in use.

Do update your phone - There are a number of people who ignore system updates. However, you should not do the same. Whenever it is the time for system update, do make sure to install it. You might not know, but time to time system up-gradation not only enhances the performance of your phone, in terms of speed and data connection but also device security.

Avoid untrusted sources for app download - Downloading mobile applications from third party or untrusted sources is one of the biggest mistakes smartphone users make. It's not that that all such sources are unscrupulous, but most of them are. Therefore, phone manufacturers always advice to download applications from their app stores only. In case of Android devices, you can easily change the settings to allow the non-market applications to be set in your phone. Even iPhones do have a jailbreak technique for the same. However, most of the times, these settings make your phone prone to the possible threats.

Install a high-quality security lock - This is one of the main priorities to safeguard your phone from the ever intruding eyes. A high-end and well-designed privacy guard can save your phone's privacy to the fullest. It not only locks your phone, but also offers over all protection, like app management, security alerts for any kind of unauthorized access and many more. Therefore, every responsible smartphone user should install a privacy protector in his or her phone. If you are avoiding such installations to save your money, then there is good news for you. The basic subscriptions to most of the privacy guards are available free of cost.

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