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7 Tools For Getting Started On The Mobile App Development

mobile-app-developmentThe good development of the mobile application has become crucial due to the increasing dependency of people on the mobile apps. You can see that nowadays, the mobile apps offer a great support. From shopping to transportation and from getting homes to food, everything is available on the mobile apps. Every day around thousands of mobile apps gets installed from the App Store and Google Play Store. Thus, it has become challenging for the mobile app developers to make their application stand out of the crowd.

The top mobile app development companies do a lot of R&D and hire mobile app developers which can create an application which can cater to the needs of the people without any hassle. Therefore, to make the overall scenario at ease, there are 7 tools for getting started on the mobile app development which none of the app development company should miss.

1. MobileDevHQ:
MobileDevHQ is an organic app marketing platform which offers the mobile application development companies with App Storage Optimisation (ASO) solutions. Just like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for content, ASO enables you to track your apps ranking and competition in the App Store or Google Play Store. Therefore, with the mobile app development company and the developers will be able to develop their apps in regards to what the audience requires.

2. Android Style Guide:
The Android Style Guide enables you to resolve all the queries you have to the mobile application. From wireframing i.e., the designs, themes and layout query to tracking progress, you can extract all the information from Android Style Guide once your app is live.

3. iOS Style Guide:
The iOS Style Guide enables you to resolve all the queries you have for the mobile application development. You can learn about designing apps under various guidelines from iOS Style Guide.

4. AppCooker:
The AppCooker is an app which is used for representing app ideas. It shows all the necessary details of the app and can be done on an iPad too. Hence, it is essential mock up design tool used by the ones willing to prepare an iOS Application.

5. Beta Bait:
The Beta Bait is a social network site specifically for the mobile app developers and the application development companies or the startups to test the app. It allows right kind of person to test your app while it is still in Beta. By Beta Bait, you get the easy and right kind of support to test your app.

6. Crittercism:
Crittercism is a mobile application intelligence system which gives the real-time reports on crash or error caused to your mobile application after it is live. Hence, with Crittercism, you stay updated and are able to receive the live performance of your mobile application.

7. Stack Overflow:
Stack Overflow is a wide forum of mobile app developers from where you can get the tips on your mobile app development. You can receive the answers to all your queries and you can also vote for the answers received from the other mobile app developers just like Quora. However, the latter has a wide platform.

Therefore, if you are a mobile app development company or a mobile app developer or a startup, you require all these basic yet important mobile application development tools. By these, you will be able to monitor your app as well as get the guidance on its development. You can also seek answers from the other developers who may be able to extend you a great support. So, make use of these tools and let you mobile app stand out of the crowd.

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