LED Tube Lights guide

LED tube lights design to be a substitute for the toxic tube lights; it represents the new generation of eco-friendly lights. They have an excellent design and offer maximum light delivery. They offer a lighting solution in terms of energy savings. Their unique solid state design makes them independent of warm-up time.

They are lightweight and extremely durable. They have a long life expectancy and require virtually no maintenance. LED tube lights are available in bright and ripe lens designs in different color temperatures. These revolutionary tube lights reduce your electricity bills, and this is especially true for the T8 LED lamps, which consume 40 percent less energy than the older T8 lamps.

LED tube lights take over in many cases when there used to be a traditional style light. There are many reasons why these lights become the preferred type of light by both manufacturers and consumers. LED lights can be in small light bulbs or long tubes that can be mounted for a great display. These tubes are becoming popular because they have several benefits that cater to different needs and needs.

One of the advantages of using LED tube lighting is that it can be colored. There are different uses for colored LED lights. These tubes seen on items like headlights, marketing materials and even on a DJ show. Colors are not only limited to primary colors, but have a wide range of options to choose from.

Another advantage of Led lights is that it is easy to work with. Many lights are set in a certain shape, length or size. LED lights, sometimes called ‘rope lights’, have different diameters to choose from and can be bent at any type of angle for more detils visit https://www.lepro.com/led-tube-light .

Many business owners will install this type of LED lighting to draw attention to a certain product or aspect of their building. This enables business owners to continually change the look of their building for better and more enjoyable purposes.

The LED lights are rugged in design, require much less maintenance (ongoing and replacement), flicker-free, fade resistant, and dimmable.

Ranging in size from 600mm to 1500mm, most LED tube lights are mercury-, lead- and phosphor-free, which is much safer for us and our environment.

With a payback period in most cases of less than 2 years for LED tubes and 1 year for typical 50w halogen replacement LEDs, plus manufacturer’s replacement warranty, LED tube lights represent the latest advancement in ambient lighting technology and are of the highest quality with many more LED products being marketed every day.

By expelling little to no heat, energy-efficient LED light tubes can also save you up to 20% of your air conditioning energy costs, as fluorescent tubes and ballast produce large amounts of heat. (This is in addition to savings on your lighting energy bill.)


LED tube lights do not require ballast or starter. Traditional fluorescent light tube fixtures often incur total circuit failure when only ONE ballast in the circuit overheats and burns out because no ballast is required in LED tube lights, total circuit failure by this reason will never occur.


In the near future, you will be charged a fee (per tube) for the disposal of your existing fluorescent light tubes due to the toxic waste content of the tubes. With LED lights, there is never a disposal fee!

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs contain no mercury. This makes them environmentally friendly. LEDs are well directional, so you can illuminate the intended area. It differs from fluorescent lights that provide multiple direction. This means that light is lost within the lighting system and other unnecessary areas.

These new lights also tend to work well with control panels, as their service life is not hindered by turning them on and off. On the other hand, fluorescent lights usually burn faster when combined with sensors and other control panels. LEDs are more efficient than fluorescent in terms of the amount of energy used. The new models deliver a variety of color temperatures, just like the fluorescent ones. The difference comes in eliminating flickering problems associated with fluorescent lamps. LED has a longer lifespan, the T8 LED tube which lasts 50000 hours as compared to an average LFL which lasts 8000 hours. These revolutionary lights are also broken.

This separation is intended to provide an excellent choice for a particular facility. However, it does require additional maintenance costs during their lifetime. Compatibility with linear fluorescent explosions may vary depending on the different models.

However, the driver is driven directly from the main voltage supplied to the existing LFL, this requires several unique considerations. The existing LFL and the corresponding ballast must be removed during installation. UL type B is more efficient as the power supply is not removed. The UL Type C works with a remote driver, it is used to drive the LED linear tube. The driver can direct multiple LED tubes throughout the game once installed. It offers the best system efficiency with compatibility and overall performance.

Lepro involves a simple swap with the existing LFL. No structural or electrical adjustments are required. It requires no electrical or structural adjustments like other options; the existing LFL ballast is retained. The installation of UL type B involves electrical adaptation of the existing device that is, to connect the tube to the power supply. The sockets may also need to be replaced, followed by a connection of the supply wires directly to the connection.

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