Is Your Antenna in Need of an Upgrade?

"Do we have a signal?" Was the common phrase you probably heard your parents say if you are a product of generation X and Y when it came to getting a clear signal on the television screen. Some of us probably have memories of someone holding the antenna in to improve the signal or create a DIY version with a few household appliances that seemed to work over the short-term. Fast forward to the present with digital television, we'd expect that television reception would be a thing of the past. It was promoted to us on television shows such as ‘The Jetsons' and ‘The Simpsons'. While we wish this were the case, it is only partially true. Many Australian households still rely on television connectivity through their antennas. Should you be one of the unlucky souls who succumb to not receiving a clear reception, the guys from Australian Antennas are committed to helping you get a clear signal when it comes to your television reception. The Australian federal government estimated that there were 17 million televisions in private homes in the last year. Of that number, it can be estimated that upwards of 20% of television owners are affected by signalling problems, triggered by issues with their antenna placement, cables or fittings.


Common problems with antenna reception

Cables deterioration

One of the common factors that leads to antenna problems is the deterioration in the cables. Look out for any wear and tear that may be causing issues. Also look out for any breakage in the casing.

Are the connections ok?

Check the connections from your wall outlet to see if there is any movement? When you plug the connector to the wall, check to see that it connects firmly, as years of plugging in different televisions may have affected the connection.

Antenna positioning

This is the experience most people remember. You want your antenna to be in the right position so that you will be able to get the best signal possible. It may be a matter of moving the antenna to different areas around your home. However, there may be nearby buildings or structures that are affecting your signal. It is worth having an expert assess the surrounding environment to determine any potential issues and to recommend solutions.


Is your antenna in need of an upgrade?

With the developments in antennas and broadcasting technology over the last ten years, your antenna may be restricted from receiving the best quality signal. If you speak with an expert, they can assess your antenna and recommend any further upgrades if required.

Say goodbye to the days of white noise

You shouldn't have to feel like you are singing the song ‘white noise' everyday because of your television reception. Watching your favourite television shows, noise free, enhances the experience, which is what you deserve after a long day of work.

Safety hazards with DIY antenna repairs

When it comes to antenna repairs, it is highly recommended that you seek out an expert rather than undergo a DIY repair. Each year, several Australians are hurt in roofing and repair accidents due to not following operational health and safety precautions. Worksafe Victoria has guidelines that details processes to prevent falling off roofs, especially when undergoing antenna repairs. However, the ideal prevention method is to allow the antenna repair experts to manage any repairs. Too many Australians sustain unnecessary injuries by trying to do it themselves. You don't need to become one of these cases.

Commit to enhancing your television experience by improving your reception with antenna repairs. Go with an expert and avoid the DIY approach. There's no need for someone to hold the antenna in funny places to get a good reception. Let an expert sort it out for you so you can enjoy your time in front of the television, the way you had intended.

If you have any questions, please ask below!