How to set up Apple CarPlay and make the most of it

What is Apple CarPlay? Fans of the Apple world will be able to answer on the spot. This is the software developed by the Cupertino company which is essential for using the main functions of your phone even while driving your car. Thanks to CarPlay you can make calls, send SMS, choose music, and use the navigator.

All without ever taking your hands off the wheel. But how to set up Apple CarPlay in your car? Let us find out together.

How to set up Apple CarPlay

Let us start with the basics. CarPlay, like any Apple software, requires a fundamental component: the possession of an iPhone. Nowadays there are many compatible iPhone phones, from the “old” iPhone 5 to iPhone 11. Even about cars, however, it is necessary to have a compatible car. There are now many cars that can use this technology, or that already have it integrated, but if you do not fall into this long list available on Apple’s website, you don’t have to worry.

There are many major brands of cars that are compatible with the Apple world.

First, you must know that there are two ways to run Apple CarPlay on compatible car models: the first, more traditional, involves connecting the smartphone via USB cable; the second provides for a wireless connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

That said, the Carplay app works the same for all cars, for example Apple CarPlay Mercedes is the same as Apple CarPlay Audi and so on.

With Apple CarPlay, the iPhone connects to the car’s infotainment system and shares numerous applications that can be used while driving with Siri voice commands, which can be activated by voice or via a special button on the steering wheel, if the car is equipped with them.

If your car is not equipped with an Apple CarPlay compatible infotainment system, you will not be able to run this app from the iPhone in any way. The first requirement that I suggest you check, therefore, is to make sure that the model of your car falls within the certified ones. You can find the complete list of compatible car models on the dedicated page of the official Apple website.

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It only takes a few moments to use CarPlay. In fact, no installation is required. Just configure your car with your phone via USB cable or wireless connection (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). Once a connection has been created between the car and the iPhone, Siri, the Apple voice assistant, must be activated. Going to the iOS settings, just press the CarPlay option and activate the Bluetooth. The rest of the process is almost entirely automatic.

The use of the software

It is equally simple to use the software, which however requires an active data connection. Once you enter the home screen, you can choose from 7 standard apps: Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, Now Playing, Audiobooks and Podcasts. To these can be added all the other apps already installed on the iPhone that are compatible with CarPlay, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Vox, Npr One, Audiobooks.com, At Bat, Clammr and so on.

To use CarPlay wirelessly you must enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on the iPhone, if only one of the two technologies is disabled you will not be able to connect to the car via CarPlay. You can activate the two connectivity’s from the Control Centre, by swiping from the top right corner of the screen downwards, if you have an iPhone with Face ID, or with a swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards, if you have an iPhone with a physical home button.

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto

Compared to Android Auto, CarPlay allows you to use the phone even while it is connected to the car. All actions performed on the device are also shown on the main display of the car. This also allows you to use apps that are not compatible with CarPlay. However, this is an operation to be carried out only if you have a passenger beside you, so as not to unnecessarily risk accidents.

Among the many especially important functions of CarPlay there is obviously that of the navigator, which can also be used thanks to Siri. Just say ” Hey Siri “, followed by the voice command “Give me directions to”, or other standard commands like “Take me home” and “Find a gas station”. Always with the same method, by activating Siri, you can manually choose the songs to listen to, the artist, the genre, a particular playlist, switch from one song to another, and still call, send messages and so on.

Finally, the last question to be solved: is your car’s CarPlay connection wireless or wired? Many car brands provide the wireless CarPlay service as an option, which can be easily activated with a small paid software upgrade. Other brands include it as a service included in any model, for example Apple CarPlay BMW wirelessly is often offered in the base models. Unfortunately, other car brands do not have it physically and only provide support for Apple CarPlay via USB cable.

Mirror your screen to your car

The app will show you a dashboard that almost entirely mirrors the iPhone home screen. You will thus be able to use, without distractions, the most common apps for information, communication, and entertainment, such as Apple Music, Spotify, iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Maps and many more.

What does this mean for car buyers?

Due to new technologies in cars the sale rate has risen by 18%. People are selling their old cars and buying brand new cars. The car’s CarPlay app is one the reason that get an interest from car buyer.

The concept of Apple CarPlay is to provide you with an intelligent co-driver to accompany you as you drive and perform small but useful functions for you while you are busy behind the wheel.

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