How to Clean Your Electric Cigarette Battery and Charging Pack

Electronic-CigaretteBatteries are often one of the first components in an electric cigarette that needs to be replaced. Constant and continual wear on the battery takes its toll after extended vapor smoking, and they lose their ability to hold a charge as long as they used to.

However, sometimes all a battery needs to start working at its peak performance again is just a good old fashioned cleaning.

Dust, grime, and spilled e-juice can accumulate on the threads that attach the battery to the cartomizer. Such miniscule dirtiness may not seem like a big deal at first, but actually it can have a significant negative impact on your vapor smoking experience.

What You Will Need to Clean Your Battery and Charging Pack

Cleaning your electric cigarette battery and charging pack is a simple process that can increase the longevity and overall performance of your vapor smoking experience. All you need are two items, besides your battery and charging pack:

1. Cotton swabs (1 to 2)

2. Rubbing alcohol

Most people have cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol in their household already, which makes it even easier to clean. The entire cleaning process is simple, and it can be done in less than five minutes, including drying time.

Instructions on How to Clean Your Battery and Charging Pack

Now that you have the cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol, put all of the materials on a table in front of you. Follow these 5 steps to properly clean your electric cigarette battery:

Step #1: Inspect your battery for any grime and dirt. Specifically, spend a few seconds looking over the threads of the battery to see if you can spot any debris buildup.

Step #2: Pick up the rubbing alcohol and pour a small amount into the cap. You can also use a small dish or bowl, but using the cap is the easiest way since you won't need very much rubbing alcohol.

Step #3: Dip the end of your cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol in the cap, and allow it to become saturated.

Step #4: Once the cotton swab has absorbed as much rubbing alcohol as possible, place it into the open end of the battery and run the swab over the threads using gentle, circular motions. Be sure to work the swab into the grooves. You will be able to see any grime from the battery be picked up by the swab.

Step #5: Once you have rubbed the battery with the swab, give the battery a quick blow of air to make sure any pieces from the cotton swab are gone, and then let it sit to dry. Never use a battery or plug in any component while it is still wet. Since rubbing alcohol dries very quickly, it typically only takes a few minutes for the battery to dry completely.

Cleaning your charging pack is essentially the same process, but requires a little more time and rubbing alcohol.

When cleaning a charging pack, be careful not to damage the spring in the charging port by pushing down too hard. Damaging a spring will need buying a new pack altogether. Instead, gently stick the cotton swab down the charging port and use the circular motion along the edge to clean.

And that's all it takes! Now you've got a clean battery and charging pack that will be able to function at their highest levels, and you can have a better vapor smoking experience.

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