Different Types of Camerabeveiliging

CamerabeveiligingAdvance technology cameras are the perfect choice for private and public offices and home that need strict security.It provides proof to who, when and how the robbery occurred. The ideology behind security camera is to render a visual proof of all activities. The best thing about security camera is that you can operate it from any place and anytime.

According to the theory, all the Camerabeveiliging are same as they provide the same role of monitoring the suspicious activities and scaring off burglars, but there are several types of security camera each of which suited for the different role. Here are some of the most popular security cameras with their different use. It is important to know all the benefits before installing a security camera.

Wireless home security cameras

Wireless cameras are now in a trend because the old wired models are hard to install, maintain. These are a little expensive but the maintenance is easy for them and you won’t have to destroy any wall or flooring to repair them as you have to do with hardwired models. The most obvious place to put a security camera is the front door. In this way, you can always see who’s coming and going from your place.

Hidden/ Spy Camera

Most of the people buy a large or more visible camera that can be shown from the far distance in order to scare burglars and keep them away. But other choose the hidden camera to not only to find them but actually catch them. Hidden or spy camera is something that you use if you want to spy on someone or whatever is the reason.

Indoor/Outdoor camera

Indoor cameras are smaller in size and less imposing from a visual point of view, whereas outdoor cameras are usually bigger in size and more visible and use to warn the burglars that this house is well protected. These are built with vandal resistance and for protection.

Fake outdoor camera

Fake security camera looks exactly like normal camera except the fact that they don’t do anything. Their main purpose is to scare the burglars and to look mean and protective. These are less expensive.

Night vision camera

As the name suggest these cameras are used to protect your property at night and work in complete darkness. They offer quality color videos when the light drops below and work as normal camera work in the day.

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