A Torch Isn’t just for Blackouts: Other Interesting Uses of Torches

Many of us, when it comes to buying a torch, do so with blackout in mind. It’s the one thing we tend to keep in the car, or at home in case of emergencies but many of us fail to realise that the use of torches goes way beyond trying to find the fuse box in the dark, or looking for things in dark cupboards or the loft. Those who take part in various activities outside do so with the help of a rechargeable torch, and other items to help light their way, and here we look at some of the most interesting uses of torches across Australia.

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Dog Walking

OK, so it’s not the most exciting thing to do, but have you ever chased after a pup in the dark, only to find they’re right behind you? Torches are fantastic things to take out with you on a dog walk, and you can not only use them to help find Fido’s ball in the undergrowth, but you can play games with your pup too. Making your dog chase after a beam of light is something you’ll both get hours of fun out of.

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Night running or cycling

If you’re one of those people who enjoys getting out doing exercise, then chances are a bit of a dark sky won’t stop you. Many cyclists and runners go out at night and using a head torch can keep them safe from those using the roads, and from the unexpected twigs and bushes that can jump out of nowhere on a dark night. LED head torches are pretty good for lighting the path a few feet in front too.

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Mountain climbing

When it comes to climbing mountains, few things are more dangerous than poor visibility, you can find out about all kinds of mountains before you go climbing at ExpedReview. Climbers use head torches to light the path ahead, to combat the poor visibility in certain areas, allowing them to safely climb even in darker skies. If you’re into any extreme sports, then head torches are a great aid.

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Let’s facing, finding your way round a cave without a light to guide you would be pretty stupid. Torches, either hand or head ones, will let you see all of the breathtaking views and will enable you to find your path through pretty easily. However, watch out for bats, as disturbing them by shining your torch at them might not be the best idea!

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Hunting and Fishing

Hunting at night is one of the most exhilarating things you can do, and so is night fishing, but there are many dangers that could befall you if you don’t have a good source of light. Using a torch in these situations will keep you safe, and help you to pinpoint your prey, allowing you a much better chance of bringing something home for dinner!

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If you’re security conscious, chances are you’ll already be aware of how handy the use of a good torch is for making sure your property is secure. Even the action of shining a torch outside is enough to deter some would-be burglars, and if you’re constantly hearing things in your garden at night, you might even catch a koala or stray dog knocking about.

Whatever your outdoor activities in the dark, you’re sure to need a good solid torch to see you through them, and getting a good quality one for some activities can mean the difference between a great time participating in your favourite sport, or a trip to the hospital. Make sure you choose the best torch available for your chosen activity, and make sure you check the batteries before you go, to make sure you too can have fun in the dark.

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