Do 3D Animations give realistic images?

portal-crane-1594196_960_720If realistic images are what you are interested in, then three-dimensional animation is for you. People who have seen a lot of cartoons in their childhood knows what animation is. It is a technique by which some pictures or drawings are placed in a particular sequence to show movement using optical illusion. In reality, 24 pictures are shown in a second and the viewer gets a feeling that real motion is happening. This is perfectly done in an animation video.

Now, what is 3D animation? It is the use of 3D images to create movement by the same method. 3D objects are carefully manipulated within 3D software to give a feel of motion. Animated scenes are produced from numerous images that are computer generated. You can think of it as a 3-dimensional representation of geometric data. And the result is a more realistic vision of the same image which otherwise resembles a mere picture, nothing more.

Nowadays, this technique is widely used by architectural firms to give you an idea about how your home or office looks like after the construction is completed. It is observed that images so created have more depth than the ones created by 2D animation. This is a real visual treat for the customers who are eager to see the interiors of the building. Who will say no to a real time experience?

How is it different from 2D animation?
• Depth: Depth is a major factor that differentiates 3D from 2D. While 2D consists of 2 axes, namely X and Y, 3D has a new axis Z. To be precise, it includes three dimensions. In 2D, images that are drawn by hand are sequenced to create movement. But in 3D, the images are computer generated. The 3D models that are created change its position and poses thus making it possible to view it from different angles.
• Time: The time required to create the two types of animations depends on the individual projects. Usually, 3D takes more time to create, the reason being the detailed procedure involved in it. It asks for a thorough understanding of the requirements of the client. A lot of time is needed for the initial setup of the equipment too.
• Final decision: Deciding between 2D and 3D is a purely individual choice. The choice usually depends on factors like time at hand, budget and the target

audience. There needs to be proper communication between the animator and the client so that he can deliver in sync with the requirements. The difference between the two can be explained so that the decision making becomes easier. It ‘d be nice if the clients can be given a sample of both.

Availing the service

Many companies provide architectural solutions to clients, 3D included. They provide service to both private individuals and organizations. You can now contact these firms to fulfill your needs like personal living spaces, commercial projects or any other assignments you are about to begin.

The main plus point of these consultancies is that they take care of the clients’ requirements while giving them a design. The environment is also taken into consideration while processing the animation. When you give your project to a firm, you can expect a custom built output and not just a multipurpose building. With options like three-dimensional animations, you can visualize your home for real with the animated design. Using visualization techniques, you can get a glance of the fully furnished interiors. If you are not satisfied with one, you can change it according to your taste.

Choosing a firm is now very easy. Most of them have their websites, and their previous works are showcased for you to view. If interested, you can contact their number and detail your requirements. The customer care representative will be happy to guide you through the process.

Building a new home or office is a big decision, and you don’t want to associate it with anything less than the best. So, here is your opportunity to browse and find the right firm that gives you a great visual experience using 3D animation. Make a call today and take the first step towards your dream project.

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