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Why You Need a VPN for Public Wi-Fi?

VPN ServicesWith the emergence of globalization which is a byproduct of the internet, businesses are expanding like anything. Offshore-onshore terminologies sound familiar because remote working is encouraged and has got all the solutions without visiting the operations in other state and most of the times in other countries. Using a good VPN is considered very safe while connecting and sharing intricate details of a company from one country to another – it makes the process smooth. Thanks to my Mediacom TV services that I came across this VPN thing while scrolling around.

What is VPN?

VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network, its basic purpose is to let us create a secure connection with other networks over the Internet. VPNs are also being used to access websites that are restricted on a regional basis. It helps us shield the browsing activity from hacker’s eyes on any available public Wi-Fi, and a lot more.

It may be annoying for most of us to acknowledge, nonetheless it is crucial to understand that even these gut checks are not totally guaranteed. A company might falsify its logging practices or could fortuitously store the data without realizing it and it stays there for longer than it was supposed to.

VPN can shield you from your own cable network by concealing your internet activities from your provider but in that case, you got to be sure that the VPN is also trustworthy and won’t use your data against you. There are some hacks through which you can assure the privacy settings between your VPN and your public Wi-Fi all by yourself. Even though, there are companies that are very upfront since the very beginning that they do not save or access your personal data in order to clarify it to lawmakers and law enforcement groups all across the world.

One of them would be to actually read the terms and conditions policy offered by the VPN company – it can be hard but it would be totally worth it and will bring you relief. Also make sure, if the VPN is keeping a log of your all internet activities or not.

How VPN works?

A VPN conceals the real IP address by letting us connect to the internet through a server which is run by the VPN service exclusively. This is how the whole information sharing process between the device and the VPN server is encrypted. Therefore, having a VPN while using a public Wi-Fi would:

– Assure our privacy by hiding your activities on the internet from prying parties like our ISP or government.

– Help us to dodge all sorts of censorships.

– Facilitate us to hide our locations so we can access geo-restricted content.

– Secure our information from hackers when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Why we need VPN?

– Open Access

VPN gives us a private network within the public network to ensure the safety of all our internet activities and crucial information related to work or personal. It not only secure the connection but f functionality and management of a private network so users can access data from different locations, remotely.

– Security of your data

Undeniably, security is the first and foremost concern for any business, therefore, each and every aspect of the service is monitored critically before availing it. Confidence is all we need for doing business that is mostly done long distance. The security and privacy offered by VPNs are far more reliable than long-distance network connections especially when we compare them both. It comes with a wide range to permitted users by using the same connection, cables, and routers all over without compromising the basic features and security.

– Cost Effective

Businesses are meant to work smartly without overspending on cost in order to get the maximum revenues. When it comes to cost-saving and cost-effectiveness – VPN offers a very good deal there too. It uses the same internet lines that are reliable rather than the rented lines. If you go for leasing those lines that can be very expensive and that is exactly where comes VPNs to rescue us while decreasing the long distance callings as well as offloading support costs.

Another safer way to get the best out of VPN and that too safely is to actually pay for the services. The provider company will take care of you then, by all means. A free VPN is apparently not bad, and so are the free trials, however, the promised safety might not be as promising as mentioned because it is for free.

3 VPNs everyone should know if they use public Wi-Fi:

  1. Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear is a Canadian based multiplatform which can conveniently be functional on Windows, Mac, OS, Android, and iOS. It provides excellent service, great design, fun and easy to use, suitable for beginners, strong encryption, allows five simultaneous connection and comes with 500 megabytes of free data for thirty days. They have a smart plan, unlike other competitors who offer the 30-day money back guarantee or a trial period for a restricted time. It has not its footsteps in the US, Australia, the UK, Sweden, France, Brazil, Singapore, and Japan. The downside is TunnelBear’s is centered in Canada and Canada has severe data retention laws.


Hide-me is another one of the best VPN services provider with an impressive overall performance and strong privacy protection. A couple of great features counts the installation, configuration and utilization process which is quite easy, free plan giving 2GB of data which is way too much when compared with 500MB by CyberGhost’s. Besides all this, has the well-designed client with strong encryption, tremendous download speeds, no logging policy, and an active community which is very responsive come with valuable solutions for any sort of problem making their support system extremely fast and efficient.

  1. Hotspot Shield

Last on my list, but not least from any angle, Hotspot Shield is a US-based VPN which provides an untroubled internet browsing, security and privacy in the digital world as its prime features. It is, however, considered as a basic level VPN which offers free VPN services for all of its users. For free users, their experience at times is annoying as they are bombarded with advertisement and have some content restrictions since it’s by default location is the US unless you unlock it by getting an Elite account. Besides its completely unlimited free version, hotspot shield comes with easy-to-use software, malware detection and reasonable speeds which allows BitTorrent & P2P.

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