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What is Backup and Recovery and Why Is it Important for Your Business and Its Work Productivity

backupBackup and recovery is a method of storing data and recovering it from a remote server in the event it is lost. There are several different methods for implementing backup and recovery. Data may be stored on local servers or remotely, and backups may occur daily, weekly, or at a different interval.

Types of Backups

Backups may be divided into physical and logistical types. Physical backups are copies of physical files that people interact with on the computer, including documents, databases, audio, and video. Logistical backups are backups of files that are essential to the operation of a computer or network, such as stored procedures or tables. When considering what data to backup, many people forget the importance of logistical files because they are largely invisible to the average user. However, these files are essential to getting back online in a timely manner, especially if your network has a high degree of customization.

Methods of Recovery

Data may be stored on a local server, or in a remote storage location. While the first method allows backup and recovery to happen within the organization, the second method is often more secure and may be safer in the event of a fire, flood, or other catastrophe. In general, it is a good idea to have a single contact person responsible for data recovery. For those using local storage, this may be the head of the IT department, while it is more likely to be a technical support specialist for those using remote storage.

Limits of Recovery

Keep in mind backup and recovery can't always save everything. Backups tend to take a lot of system resources, so they are sometimes done infrequently. For this reason, recovered data may be several days out of date. There are also some settings on a computer that cannot be backed up, including active processes and clusters. However, data backup and recovery can generally save a good deal of data that would otherwise be lost.

Importance of Backup and Recovery

The majority of data loss occurs for one of two reasons: human error or system error. Human error refers to the accidental deletion or alteration of a file, while system error refers to data that becomes corrupted or lost when a computer malfunctions. With any luck, neither of these scenarios happen frequently at your organization, but there is always a chance of one damaging your data.

Backup and recovery systems are essential for protecting data from a variety of problems. Having a method of backup and recovery in place is necessary for a business to function in a way that is safe and efficient.

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