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Ways to Remove Malicious Files from Your Computer

There are many good things about the internet, but it can also cause damage to your computer. You see, there are many websites that contain malicious files which can creep into your computer's system. When this happens and you don't act on it right away, your computer may not function optimally or it can be damaged completely.

Malicious-Software-RemovalA computer with antivirus software is not enough. If you do not have antimalware, it is possible for your computer to get infected because the antivirus can't detect malicious files most of the time. You can find a lot of antimalware programs online or from computer shops, but mostly are high priced.

The six ways below are cheap and can even come for free depending on which option you choose. As a computer user, you know when the desktop is functioning optimally or when it is having problems. Identify your problems, and if you are dealing with malicious files, check out the information below.

Here are six ways to remove malicious files from your machine:

Not many people want to spend on expensive software that gets rid of malicious files, so if want a cheaper option, check out the cheap ways below:

  1. Start by backing up all the important data you may have in your computer. You can use a USB device, DVD, or even a data CD. The worst thing that could happen is damaging the computer permanently or partially and not accessing the OS.
  2. If your computer is part of a network, you have to disconnect it immediately. You can unplug the internet device or network cable. This should be done prior to repair. Download anti-malware software like that of Malware bytes. This is a cost effective option, and you can even use the limited free service if you want.
  3. You should have easy access to the computer. The local administrator usually makes use of usernames and passwords. You need to confirm these things before you can start troubleshooting. In most cases, you have to run the computer in Safe Mode to be able to repair it.
  4. Identify the problem files. It is possible to do things on your own, as long as you have adequate knowledge about the computer and basic troubleshooting.
  5. Ask a friend to remove the malicious files. This is a cheap option especially if you have a knowledgeable friend. All you have to do is give your friend some snacks, and those malicious files are as good as gone.
  6. Learn how to do it on your own. If you have another computer, you can use it to search the web for videos or other info resources that you can use as reference to learn the basics of getting rid of malicious files.

Not everyone can afford to purchase expensive anti-malware software. It is good to know that there are ways to get rid of these files without spending a hefty amount. Cheap doesn't mean ineffective. You can successfully remove those unwanted files from your computer before it causes permanent damage.

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