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Top Tips to Avoid Wire Fraud

In this age of information and technology, it’s not an easy thing to remain safe. There are several ways technology can be used for the betterment of human civilization. But probably more ways have been discovered to commit crimes with its help. In fact, the use of technology make the criminals more efficient, almost invincible. These help them to perform wire fraud, which can be devastating for you.

Different types of fraudulent activities are performed by the criminals since the earliest of ages. They seem to be present almost everywhere. And with the advent of the internet, they have intruded the web world as well. There are different types of crimes performed on the internet. This can be really dangerous, as they can gain access to your bank account if the details of it are saved in your mail or somewhere online. They can get hold of all the money in your account and spend it without your knowledge. So, it’s important that you follow a few steps to protect yourself from wire fraud.

Do Not Click on Unknown Links

There might be a few strange cases. One fine morning, you might find that your account has been hacked and the bank details have been used to withdraw cash from there. You can’t understand how this could happen, because your password is quite strong. Let me help you remember. Did you click on a link in any mail that came from an unknown address? A mail that said that you have won a lucrative amount? Then you might have committed the mistake yourself. Clicking on such mails usually divulges the details of your email to some criminal performing fraudulent activities. Hence, if you find any such email in your inbox in future, make sure to delete it and mark it as spam.

Change Your Email Password Frequently

Changing the password of your email is important. You need to perform this a number of times during the year. This will ensure that your email account remains protected. Even if a criminal has been able to acquire the password of your account, he won’t have access to your email. This is because, you have already changed the password with which he could log in to your account. Moreover, while setting your password, make it at least 10 characters long. Besides, you should also use different cases, numerical, and special characters in the password. This will make the process of password encryption difficult for the potential hackers. So, it is a good idea to change your email password frequently.

Avoid Public Places for Accessing Your Account

Do you access your emails in the cyber cafes and other public places? It is better to avoid them. At least, you should not access your bank account through the internet there. However, if you have to do that, then you should follow a few steps. Never click on the checkbox asking to remember the username and password while you are logging in to your account. Besides, you should also log out properly, so that no one is able to access your email account without your permission.

Increasing Customer Awareness is Important

Even the businesses have to play important roles to ensure that the wire frauds can be reduced. In fact, one of the best ways of doing that is by making the customers more aware. Different steps can be undertaken to increase customer awareness. They should be aware of the ways through which they can protect their bank accounts. They should also have a profound knowledge about online banking. It is extremely essential these days. These will ensure that the customers are able to protect their online banking password from being hacked by the criminals.

Use a Good Anti-virus Software

You might not know, but the details of your bank account might be divulged from your computer itself. Some unknown virus attack might aim at stealing your personal details from the computer and, in turn, result in loss of important data and an attack of wire fraud. So, it is essential that you use some excellent anti-virus software to keep the computer protected and secure.

Wire fraud comes under the Federal Criminal Defense of US Law. If you face this, you can appeal to the court for justice. You might need legal help to fight the case. And this is where criminal defense lawyers can help you. You should approach a professional lawyer providing such services. This step is going to help you get justice even if you can’t come out unscathed from the crime.

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