Data security

Threats Associated with Cloud Hosting

cloud-hostingToday nobody is unaware of the fact that, Cloud Hosting is one of the brilliant ways of constructing affordable, scalable and secure web architecture through configured servers. It has become successful in convincing a major percentage of the entire world, with its amazing features and facilities, and hence has left a bearing impact on them.

But, at the same time, one must also not forget the fact that "the more crucial is the item, the more it is prone to be misused". In simple words, innovations or technological advancements are meant for everybody, including people trying to misuse it. So, it is very important that users must remain well acquainted with all the possible threats associated with using big technologies, such as cloud hosting.

Unauthorized data access

This is nothing but the practice of accessing the data belonging to somebody else. Generally, in cloud hosting, clients have their own secure controls to access and work with their data (lying in the cloud) right from any place and anytime. However, according to one of the researches of CSA (cloud security alliance) it has been found that multitenant servers have high threats of getting breached if proper attentions are not paid on the design of the cloud database.

Hijacking activities

One of the most prominent security issues that people often face while working with cloud hosting is that on being unsuccessful in maintaining the confidentiality of the account and enabling the hijackers to break through the required security credentials, they allow them to have the entire access to their data. Not only this, hijackers can monitor their previous activities, make changes into their existing data and most importantly they can also misdirect clients to wrong or malicious websites.

Incompatible Storage Services

This is another common problem confronted by many cloud hosting service users. It has been often seen that storage services offered by different cloud hosting service providers varies in compatibility. Thus, it becomes quite a daunting task to deal with data incompatibility.

Recognizing a possible intruder

One must make sure to implement ways of dealing with any doubtful, existing or previous employee. Proper check must be done, while hiring professionals as well as when they leave the organization. Make sure they submit all the confidential information such as access to crucial files and folders and sign a deal of not revealing anything to any unauthorized person. At many advert situations, strict encryption also doesn't offer any security if the encryption keys reach any illegal hand.

Know the term "Cloud abuse"

This simply implies that any unauthorized person is striving to break through an encryption through the cloud. This may also refer to some activities of distributing malware. Thus people must find strict ways of restraining any hijacker to do any such illegal activity.


Thus, if you believe in using cloud then make sure to use it in a secured way so that it doesn't compromise with the security issues of your organization that might lead you to incur huge and unimaginable losses. So, be cautious and make the best out of this brilliant technology. Use it safely.

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