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The Benefits of Business Validated SSL Certificates

If you are operating a legitimate online business or you have established an online presence for your valued business, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are necessary. Security will be an issue, especially if the online activities of your business involve the exchange of personal and sensitive details of your clients. In this instance, you don’t have a choice but to invest in an SSL certificate or risk losing your clients. However, when you are in the process of investing in one, you are likely to come across various types of SSL certificates. There are Domain Validated SSL (DV SSL) Certificate, Organization/ Business Validated SSL (OV SSL) Certificate, and Extended Validated SSL (EV SSL) Certificate. As a business handling sensitive client details, your best option is the Organization/ Business Validated SSL Certificate. Let’s explore why this is the case.

What is the Organization Validated SSL Certificate (OV SSL)?

The best way to understand the significance of the OV SSL is by comparing it to its cousins. The DV SSL is a security certificate that only confirms the credibility of a domain; as in, whether the domain is legit or a fraud, and that’s it. The problem with this SSL certificate is that it does not tell a client or prospect whether the domain actually belongs to a particular organization. Many domains exist and anyone could be on the other side of the world. On the other hand, the EV SSL is a high-end SSL certificate that is more expensive than most organizations can afford, but it is the highest form of security. Government level organizations and large corporations mostly use it. It is not for every business owner but if you feel you are at that level, don’t let me stop you.

For this article, the focal point is the OV SSL certificate, the ideal option for businesses. This certificate, confirms the credibility of the domain name of your business as well as whether your company is actually the one operating under that domain name. You see, this certificate will guarantee a user, customer, or prospect that they are actually dealing with the company they expect to be dealing with. When they hover over the padlock that precedes the URL of your business (the top left corner of the browser address bar), information will display indicating the organization behind the domain as well as the organization that verified the information. These are some of the advantages of the OV SSL certificate. Other invaluable benefits are:

  1. Credibility

Credibility is the main superpower of the Organization or Business Validated certificate. When people are online interacting with websites, if the exchange of any sensitive information is involved, they want the assurance that their information is under no risk, whatsoever. The OV SSL certificate is the ideal SSL type for businesses when credibility is a must for your website. Its main purpose is to give people the assurance that they are dealing with exactly the organization they are supposed to be dealing with. This will make it easier for them to trust your business and believe in your products and services.

  1. Security

The number one reason for the OV SSL certificate is security. Security is the main reason anyone online will invest in an SSL certificate. We are referring to the security of the website of your business. Hackers will not be able to penetrate and interfere with or steal information from your servers. We are referring to the security of the transactions that take place between your company and your clients. Any sensitive information exchanges are guaranteed to be secure. This is particularly useful in case of any money transfers, bank account details transfers, or credit and debit card details transfer. Any sensitive details that are exchanged between your business and customers online will be private and untouchable.

  1. SEO

Search engines give priority to websites that have valid SSL certificates. Considering that the OV SSL certificate is one of the most credible SSL certificates available, it means higher rankings for your business. Having a business validated SSL certificate will mean your website will have higher rankings (if not the highest) in searches that match it. SEO is vital for the survival of any online business; therefore, investing in this particular SSL certificate will give your website a better chance of survival.

  1. Competitive Advantage

In the event, your business website has the OV SSL certificate and your competitors don’t, considering the fact that search engines prioritize sites with SSL certificates, it means your website will be preferred by people interested in your industry. The security and credibility the certificate offers further add to this competitive advantage. Moreover, even if your competitors manage to obtain the certificate, it still means that your website will have a better fighting chance in search engine rankings and consumer preference, as long as the online platform is concerned.

A business validated SSL certificate is ideal for any organization with an online presence. It is the surest way of guaranteeing security, credibility, reliability, better search engine rankings, and a competitive advantage for your online business.

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