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Wordpress Security Plugins

In order to publish a content, WordPress is one which comes to mind. It is the best and popular platform for blogging purpose. It is used by millions of website world widely. With the growing popularity in the market, it also attracting the hacker. Actually, WordPress endorses updates to cover all the vulnerabilities because the third party themes and plugin make WordPress in danger. So this gives the chance to hackers to hack the whole server by finding the vulnerabilities in WordPress.

In last few months, two major problems and mass hacking of WordPress is came to know. Many of website were hacked by misusing these vulnerabilities. We have also seen in past that a single vulnerable plugin leads to hacking the whole web server. SoakSoak malware is affected many websites in seconds by misusing the vulnerability in the plugin. So for secure from this problem it is necessary to be updated and secure WordPress Installation.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some security plugins that are available for WordPress. WordPress offers various security plugins which provide numerous features to make a WordPress website protected from unknown threats. Hence, for keep, your online business protected from unknown threats. These are some security plugins that available for WordPress.

iTheme Security

iTheme Security
iTheme security is a security plugin which provides 30+ ways to protect WordPress website. With this plugin, you can stop the unknown threats. It set up some security holes on the website. It usually tracks the registered user activity and adds up import/export setting, malware scanning, password expiration, two-factor authentication and various things.

This plugin scans the whole website and finds out the vulnerability from your website. It allows the user to secure their password and SSL for admin area in server support. It helps in preventing from brute force attack and ban IP address. In this GeoIP feature is not available but they promise to launch that feature soon. This feature allows you to integrate Google reCAPTCHA to avert comment spam.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security
BulletProof Security is another popular WordPress security plugin that takes care of various things. It adds firewall security, database security, login security and more. It provides four-click setup interface. Just activate this plugin and then relax. It will take care of your website.

This is another popular security plugin of WordPress. It includes database security, firewall security, login security and much more. It occurs with four-click setup interface. For that, you just install this plugin and then chill out. You don’t need to do anything it will take care of your website. This plugin keeps on the checking code of WordPress core files, plugins, and themes. It controls block security scanner, IP blocking, failed login attempts so in that case if any unknown virus attacks it directly notifies the admin. This plugin comes with inbuilt file manager for HRAccess. It is self-updated and continues updating you with new vulnerabilities and exploits.



It is the most popular WordPress plugin. It continuous checking your website for malware infection. WordFence claims to make your WordPress website 50 times secure and faster by using falcon caching engine. It uses a firewall to block the fake traffic, scanners, and botnet. It also scans hosting for recognized backdoors consist of R57, C99, and others. If they detect anything then they promptly send you an email. This is also scanned comments and post for malicious code. It supports to multi-site.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security
This plugin presents numerous security features as file integrating monitoring, blacklisting monitoring, security activity auditing and website firewall. This includes many of blacklist engines consisting Sucuri labs, McAfee site advisor, google safe browsing and much more to check your website. This protects your website from Zero Day Disclosure Patches, Brute force attack, DOS Attack, and other scanner attacks. It maintains log activities and keeps safe this logs within Sucuri security operational centres.

6Scan Security

6Scan Security
This is also well-known auto-fix protection. This plugin protects your website from hackers. It provides rule-based protection and tries to maintain the security up-to-date. This plugin includes security scanners which protect and scan against Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, CSRF, DOS attack, Remote file including and other security vulnerabilities. This plugin has automatic vulnerability fix feature by searching vulnerable code it smears auto-fix by applying its auto-fix-server-side agent solution. It also fixes malware relate issue by applying automated malware fix. And like another plugin, this plugin also send email notification if they detect anything serious.

As we above discussed, these are some security plugin of WordPress that make your website secure. There is no need to download these plugin you can first try this and after that, if it suits then download this. All plugin have unique features. So if you don’t want to be in technicalities then go with their premium versions of the plugins which offer more updated feature for best services. So with this plugin secure your website from hacking attacks.

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