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Panda Protection Service Review

softwareWith the spread of personal computing and so many people connecting to the internet on a daily basis, the need for excellent antivirus software has become a pressing issue. Deciding what kind of antivirus software to use can pose a genuine challenge but thankfully, the answers are easily found.

Choosing the right antivirus software is likely to depend on a combination of factors, such as specific needs, desired features, ongoing support, ease of use and available budget.

Rather than becoming overwhelmed by these possible options let's take a closer look at some of the key considerations involved.



Antivirus software has evolved along with the rest of the technology sector to the point where one needn't have any special technical skills in order to keep ones data well protected. Most software is basically a kind of ‘set and forget' operation where once certain parameters have been entered, the software ticks along in the background without much need for user intervention. When antivirus software is overly complicated, displays constant reminder messages or requires excessive attention many users will simply disable it and which leaves their system open to attack. Therefore it is important to choose and antivirus solution that is easy to use.


While the list of features can be quite long, there are common antivirus elements that are preferred by a majority of users. Among those that regularly top the list are easy installation, self-scanning with the option to scan on request, email protection, malware, trojan and adware protection, auto-updates to remain current and internet messaging scanning. Also, the software should not be so resource intensive that it causes the system to slow down or underperform in any way.


Prices of antivirus software can vary wildly as can the licencing fee or billing cycles. Some require an annual fee, some an outright purchase with no ongoing fees and others a very reasonable subscription. The Antivirus Panda Protection Service provides is based on a ‘pay-as-you-go' model that can be activated and de-activated as the need arises, meaning more flexibility and control over one's budget. It is important to factor in the peace of mind that virus protection can provide and models like the Panda Protection Service are making antivirus protection a viable option for everyone.


Another important feature of antivirus software that often gets overlooked is the aspect of ongoing support. The best software companies provide after sales support, online forums or help desks for those times when a critical issue arises that is too confusing or complicated to sort out alone. Most people don't read the support documentation that comes with software. Often helpful answers can be found there but it can be a whole lot easier to pick up the phone or do a simple search to fast track the information required to address the problem. A great benchmark of quality and company integrity is how well they continue to support their users long after the purchase has been completed.

Bearing these varying considerations in mind, the process of finding the right antivirus software should now be much easier to navigate.

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