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Network Security Audit is Necessary to Avoid Data Loss

network_securityNetwork security auditing is extremely significant part in ongoing maintenance and management of the information system of the companies. An appropriate program for network security audit can help maintaining the security of the systems in a company. Moreover, it also helps businesses in maintaining the knowledge of all the stuffs running on the network. Network security audit also keep the business from running afoul of any problem arising in getting the license. The neglecting of network security audit may result in severe data loss. There are many benefits of performing network security audit. The major of them, through which a business can save the data loss, are mentioned as follows:

  • Vulnerabilities

The network security audit should be performed to assess the security of the systems in the business and at the same time identify the vulnerabilities as well. These can take account of unapproved services, open shares, blank or weak passwords, and can be used to access both workstations and servers. Ascertaining these concerns is that first serious step in the direction of remediating them.

  • Patch Management

Network security auditing can perform a key role in the patch management efforts of a business as well. The network auditing reports must be used both to recognize those systems that are needed to be patched and also to check that patches have been set upproductively.

  • Hardware Inventory

Network security auditing can help the business insustaining an up-to-date inventory of all the hardware on the network so that the organization can know exactly what they have  and can thusallow them to simply make hardware connectedchoices, such as how many systems are getting old and are needed to be updated to keep up with the constantlygrowing work load. Sporadic hardware inventories can also be beneficial for security, as in the occasion of unauthorized devices like rouge access points. These points can be a severe red flag that deserve immediate attention.

  • Software Inventory

Talking about the software, having knowledge of what is running on the servers and workstations is equally as important as having the knowledge about the hardware running in the organization. The network security audit can help a business in getting clear and comprehensive view of the software installed in the servers and the workstations so that the organization may know what software is there and what are needed to be patched and the what are the license needed.

  • Compliance

The compliance activity of a business can be termed as one of the most significant things that can be gained by performing a network security audit. It helps in ensuring easily and quickly that all the systems in a business are compliant with its internal policies, and can make certain that the company has the license for all the software being used in its workstations. Too often,businesses find outexcessively late that an open share allowed everyone in the company to set up software that was licensed just for one or two users.The network security audit enables the company in remediating these concerns.

The data loss is the severe threat can be avoided through regular network security audits. For this, one may take the services of various network security companies. Being secure is the certain key to success of a business.

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