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Internet Security Tips and Recommended Software in 2013

internet securityInternet is a global networking system. It interconnected computer networks, which are used in the standard Internet protocol suite to serve several billion users worldwide. Internet security is a branch of computer gateway security including browser security, network security, applications and operating system security specifically related to the Internet. Its protect computer against attacks over the Internet. Now a day Internet becomes an informative field and it is unsafe place which is very dangerous for unethically use. Virus attacks, Malware, harmful programs are quite common on the internet. New viruses, malware threats, hoaxes and frauds are increasing day by day and they are risky and harmful for the computer. For this reason, the user should choose an efficient internet security program or tool for the protection of computer.

Different Kinds of Antivirus Programs

Antivirus: antivirus is the most fundamental and popular safety program to secure computers. This program has components known as definitions, which help in identifying the potential threats in the system. To install a suitable antivirus software on a computer is of utmost importance. User can choose a proper antivirus program from different kind security programs from the internet. Top 10 antivirus programs of 2013 are given below for user benefit:

1. Bit Defender Internet Security

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

3. Norton Internet Security

4. F Secure Internet Security

5. Trend Micro Internet Security

6. G Data Security

7. Avast Internet Security

8. AVG Internet Security

9. BullGuard Internet Security

10. Lava Aware Total Security.


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Firewall: To enhance the security level of the computer a suitable firewall is badly needed. The firewall prevents hackers from assessing network.

Popup Blocker: Pop up blocking is an essential component for safety scheme. It can remove several viruses. User can easily incorporate it in a browser.

Spyware Removal: Spyware and malware are scripted threats which sneak in with browser window hijacker programs. Ad Aware and Malware can catch all types of malware. Malware is free source software. Therefore, the user should use this kind of tools to ensure higher security of computer and network.

The main features of this software are:

  1. Application Visibility and Control
  2. Pop Up and Spam Blocking
  3. Web Filtering And Bandwidth Management
  4. Network Access Control for LAN and WAN

Internet Security Tips

  1. Use a better Antivirus software
  2. Keep it up to date
  3. Maintaining all software up to date
  4. Create a unique password for each web site by using special characters
  5. Use caution while connecting to unfamiliar networks or sites. These kinds of networks are sometimes attacked computer

PC Security: To enhance computer security it is important to make sure your computer stays as secure as possible. Following recommend can be followed to make sure account PC Security:

Scan for viruses: User should scan his PC daily for keeping it virus free.

Secure user account: User should change the password on the registered email account to ensure it’s still secure.

Check out the Computer Security advice: User should maintain the rules and regulation and apply these rules and regulation to keep computer secure.

Tips for computer security:

1. Update software, which is installed in computer

2. Check and adjust all settings so they are safe

3. Use a firewall to control the computer

4. Use strong passwords in all kinds of account

5. Use a good antivirus program to keep it updated

6. Wipe history files, logs and personal files with the specific wiping program instead of just deleting

8. Use encryption to enhance user privacy

9. Install and Use a Hardware Firewall

New Internet threats are appearing daily. To secure computer keeping security software updated is essential. It is also important to review the default Internet security settings and update settings for operating system. The user should schedule a daily or weekly time for virus and spyware software to run and report security status.

I am Gloria Philips a tech enthusiast and content writer. Here I want to share some tips about internet and PC security and recommend virenschutz antivirus which makes your life easy.

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