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How to Enhance Your Android Security

android-securitySmartphones must be treated with great care in order to avoid any type of unpleasant security issues: either device being stolen or data being online hacked. If you are not careful, losing the smartphone may result in more than only loss of phone numbers and contacts. We are talking about your important messages, your photos, your emails, your important documents, your synced files and the social media accounts. All your information can be easily traced and shared throughout World Wide Web if you don't take any precaution measures.

Use the Android In-Built Security

A lot of users may save the passwords to the online accounts and services on their mobile device, not even thinking of what can happen when the thief gets an access to their own cell phones. Avoid having every important password stored in the smartphone, especially when it comes to payment applications or banking. If you are running on Jelly Bean, he may have an encryption and screen lock enabled for further enhancing your security. There are several types of screen locks available for you to select from in the Android settings: face unlock, pattern, pin and password present.

Lock Your Applications

It is very important to lock your applications, particularly the ones that contain private info which you want nobody to see. It is a second security layer for preventing the lost device to be used by anybody, especially if they managed to bypass the locked Android. You may use a free application such as App Lock for the exact purpose. The idea over here is never to lock all the apps in the device, only data-laden ones such as your file managers and email applications. Try to avoid using the combination of a pattern or pin lock which could be traceable from smudges of the screen. Before you start installing the application from Google Play, list of the requested permissions would pop up for showing you what permission the app requires. Applications require permissions for doing various things but not all are necessary. It is recommended to read through all of them carefully for making certain that they make good sense and correspond to the function of application. For instance, an alarm application doesn't require the permission for accessing the text messages. It is a very important step as not all the applications at Play store are safe.

Use the Mobile Security Application

A very important thing about the protection of your Android is securing the network. Avoid using public Wi-Fi while doing something important such as online banking. It would make your job easy to have an app which handles your security issues. Try to find such mobile security application that you are comfortable with, for instance, Avast! Mobile Security or Lockout Security & Antivirus.

Prepare The Data Backup

If you have got an Android tablet and have to share it with your kids, spouse or sibling, making multiple accounts would help you protect the privacy. Without a backup of the data you may lose all important info in the device as you won't be able to restore the Android device to the original state. You may choose to back up the important information to cloud, the desktop or even to the flash drive to be 100% ensured.

Enable The Remote Wipe

It helps you getting your lost device back. The Android smartphones are made to be traceable via GPS. All you have to do is to enable GPS on the phone for tracking. There is also the ability for wiping the data from the device remotely. It is only done when you get your phone lost and you are worried about its privacy.

You can choose a very effective application that has been especially designed for performing security and spying related tasks (for example, mSpy, Mobistealth). You may install it on your Android device for monitoring; your device has been stolen or lost. Such apps will help you track the location of your lost or stolen device by using GPS technology.

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