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How Entrepreneurs Can Use Current Technologies to Grow Their Digital Signage Business

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Digital signage is also commonly called the fourth screen. It has taken this label because the other video screens that preceded digital signage were:

  1. The silver screen
  2. TV
  3. The PC or personal computer

The digital signage business has grown rapidly due to the quick pace of technological advancement that has made devices and technologies more ubiquitous, sophisticated and cheaper.

Some of the benefits that new technologies have brought to the digital signage business due to improved technologies include the following:

  1. Updating of content is frequent and easy,
  2. Increase in the number of impressions or the number of times audiences or consumers can view and read the digital signage,
  3. Increased interactivity of digital signage through the use of new technologies in interfaces such as:
  • Large and small touch screens,
  • Movement, tracking and detection and
  • Improved image capturing devices

These developments have enabled the industry to better collect analytics about how and who is interacting with the digital signage. These days, a fifth (and maybe even sixth) screen, namely the Smartphone, tablet and even the smart watch is rapidly evolving. Keeping this in mind, below are areas of growth that you could invest in as a digital signage business:

Mobile phones and smartphones for interactive digital signage

Digital signage can be expensive to install considering the number of units that you will need to invest in to have an effective digital signage campaign. This makes it very important that as an entrepreneur, you consider what value your service will bring to your customer.

The value that you bring has to be more than able to compensate your customer for hiring your service or else you will be a one-hit-wonder.

Considering this, investing in interactivity is very useful. Through interactivity, your customer's audience will be able to engage with the message better.

Additionally the question of monitoring how digital signage end-users interact with the media becomes easy to study and to track.

For example, you could use mobile phones in a shopping mall or within a building to pass messages to consumers. You could also use SMSs and Bluetooth to push messages to customers.

By using mobile phone, Wi-Fi and location based interaction, customers can be called to action and respond to messages pushed to their displays almost immediately through social media.

Investing in customer experience management systems

As an entrepreneur, you could also benefit from intrinsic bottlenecks in customer service delivery in order to deliver messages through digital signage.

You can use split screen and overlay technologies to combine queue management with digital signage.

For example, when customers are at a bank queue or at a fast foods restaurant, the queue management system will call the customers attention to a screen, which can have a split screen or overlay showing information about who is next on line for service and a digital signage video message.

The synergy of these two messages can provide for a rich customer experience.

Tapping into such technologies can provide a cost effective way to pass digital signage messages that can have quick implementation, and therefore lead to faster growth without a large capital injections.

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