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Debunking the most common VPN myths – No it’s not for criminals only!

VPN is an acronym for a Virtual Private Network and this technology is almost a decade old now which permits any computer to connect securely to a remote server located at a distant place and yet seem to be connected locally. Most of you, who have used one to involve in P2P activities or circumvent geo-restrictions or stay online anonymously, must have been familiar with VPN. But you will be surprised to know that there are certain damaging myths associated with VPN which could possibly negate the advantages of this service and also get you confused while you’re looking for the best VPN providing agency.

vpn miths

This is why we’ve compiled a list of VPN myths and threw light on the facts so that you could stop believing in the misrepresentations and start using it to reap its benefits. Read on.

Myth #1: I’ll need a VPN only when I’m a criminal who needs to do something illegal online

Fact: One of the most talked-about myths related to VPN connections are that you will need it only when you want to do something illegal online. You may need it to access video content that’s geo-restricted or which isn’t available in your region. A VPN helps you in such cases and these should be the most important reasons for using such a connection. VPN encrypts your communication and secures your data. Hence, even when you’re not engaged in shady internet activities, you can use a VPN when it risks your data security.

Myth #2: VPN connections will definitely slow down my internet speed

Fact: Since you have already heard that VPNs usually route all your data through a different server at a distant place, you may think that using one can reduce your browsing speed considerably. Sadly, this is not true to its entirety. The speed of VPN is controlled by the speed of the internet connection which it can’t exceed. The location of server to where you’re connecting is also factor which affects of the latency of the connection. This is why you should choose a provider which has several well-maintained servers. In the cases of traffic shaping by your Internet Service Provider, VPNs can even improve your speed by passing your streaming traffic through their virtual tunnel and bypassing your ISP’s traffic filters.

Myth #3: There is no difference between any VPN – they are all same

Fact: In case you’re using a VPN, it is needless to mention that you think it’s worthy to secure your online transmissions of data. So you must be thinking that something that is private should be private. You should understand the fact that the most crucial part of any VPN service is to encrypt communications since you can connect through servers. However, the level of encryption can vary with VPN services. While some can offer weaker encryption, some others may offer encryption systems which lead the industry. Hence you should look for a VPN provider which offers OpenVPN.

Myth #4: If I’m using VPN, I can do anything I wish to do online

Fact: No, VPNs can’t provide you with the best kind of protection if you engage yourself in risky online activities. If you think you can visit dodgy websites through a VPN connection, you will still stand the risk of encountering viruses like keyloggers or phishing attempts. So, remain vigilant even though you use VPN connection. Stay safe whenever you’re connected through public Wi-Fi and be cautious about suspicious mails. Sign up with a good VPN provider like LE VPN which has servers in more than 114 countries and which offers OpenVPN connections.

Hence, now that you’re familiar with the VPN myths, don’t ever make the mistake of believing in any wrong information. Get in touch with a trustworthy provider and enjoy surfing!

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