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Business Security: Why Remote Working Needs a VPN

Not only our phones are mobile but today’s employees and workforce are increasingly mobile as well due to the latest technological advances. Nowadays, organizations may have their employees in different locations across the globe to run their business operations and processes smoothly without facing the barriers of time and location.

According to a study, more than 40% of employees love to work in an office or at the workplace and almost 43% workers in the United States spend most of the time on working from their favorite places like bedroom, coffee shop, café or any other remote-friendly workplaces to get assigned tasks and jobs done more effectively.

On another hand, malicious persons and cybercriminals also have developed classy ways to use the latest tech innovations to get access to the business network and the most important business data and information either to harm your goodwill in the market or to steal your business details to benefit your competitors. But again thanks to the technology, there are a lot of security measures accessible like Virtual Private Network (VPN) that can radically help you prevent a data breach and other cybersecurity threats while escalating mobile working. There are many different VPN providers to choose from but these detailed VPN reviews can help you select the right one.

Current workplaces are too much different from traditional workplaces and tied to laptops, tablets and other mobile devices instead of giant machines and big corporate offices. In this way, most of the employees can get the work done from everywhere they want because it enables them to work flexibly without facing troubles like a traffic jam and vehicle breakdown etc that an employee may face when it comes to reaching office on time to perform 9 to 5 job.

But! Remote workers and companies should take some initiatives to maintain foolproof data and network security to ensure they are secured while doing work either from a coffee shop or from the rest of their bedrooms. In this situation, use of a VPN can reduce the security concerns for remote employees as it is a secure way of transporting business details, private data and other information across unknown (open Wi-Fi) networks for the comfort of a company or business whose workers often work from home.

Remote working can have both positive and negative effects for your business organization or company, that’s why you should determine its effectiveness for your business by having a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Remote Working

Enhanced Productivity

As employees can work easily from home or from any other remote workplace, they can do more when they are comfortable to do. They experience fewer distractions and troubles when working remotely. They can choose a place to work by their own instead of having to check into the same workplace at the same desk every day and in results, they can perform more effectively than attending a specific office daily.

No Commute

Traveling from home to office is one of the major issues nowadays for workers who spend the whole day in an office or at the workplace. Traditional workers are more likely to be stressed out due to the time they spend on commuting to reach office on time. On another hand, remote workers are free from this problem and they can work more effectively without wasting time on vehicles. They can work in the comfort of the bedroom, favorite café or coffee shop by cutting the commuting town down. So, if you don’t like to commute, then remote working would be a great choice for you.

Work Wherever and Whenever

Mobility is one of the major advantages of remote working as it enables workers to work from everywhere and whenever they want. In this way, they can work as per their own routines which make them more productive and happier than others who work from the office. Even, remote workers can also utilize traveling time to complete their tasks and jobs that they can easily do with different mobile devices and high-speed internet on the go.

Disadvantages of Remote Working

Difficult to Stay in the Loop

On-site employees are promoted most often instead of workers who work remotely. And it can be one of the major disadvantages of remote working. So, if you want to advance your career rapidly, then you should not be working remotely as remote employees usually get promoted at a slower rate.

Company Network Protection

Unsecured company network can cause serious cybersecurity concerns such as data security and business details theft etc when most of your work remotely. Cybercriminals can easily hack your network to attain confidential business details and information if you are not using VPN solution to keep your business network protected. However, investing in a reliable VPN service after reading VPN reviews can be the best way to make your business network safe and secure.

No Human Interaction

When you work remotely, there are no or fewer human interactions that can make work boring for you. Oftentimes you may also unable to understand your tasks communicated via email or via digital files due to no human interaction. Lack of social interactions can be hard for some peoples that can make work routine boring and less productive as well.

Lower Pay

Most of the companies offer fewer benefits and lower salaries to remote employees. They usually offer a basic salary to workers who work from home and that is the reason most of the people don’t love to work from home due to the low pay structure.

Domestic Distractions

We cannot work properly at home that can be done in the office or at the workplace. There can be a lot of distractions to stop you from working such as grocery shopping, cleaning of the house, loud music outside an episode of your favorite TV show etc. All these things are known as productivity killers that can prevent you from completing your professional assignments.

VPN is one of the must-haves when one or more of your employees are working from home and they often need to access vital business information from your network which could otherwise be too sensitive to send over unsecured network or connection. In this way, an employee can effectively and safely access to the business details and information they want without facing cybersecurity issues and concerns.

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