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Big Data Analytics and its Significance for Cybersecurity

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What is cyber security?

The techniques by which our computers, networks, programs, and data are protected from unauthorized access or attacks are called cybersecurity or information technology security. These actions are aimed for exploitation and can pose serious damage to our computer systems. Information security, application security, disaster recovery and network security are the major areas covered in cybersecurity.

The major task of information security is to prevent identity theft and to ensure the protection of privacy by guarding information against unauthorized access. While of course users can use everyday strategies for improving online privacy, it is still software and application developers that can do the most. Application security deals with the precautionary measures that need to be taken during the development life cycle for the protection of applications from threats. Errors in application development, design, upgrade or maintenance can be the reason for threats. Disaster recovery involves the process of performing risk assessment, creating priorities and building recovery strategies if a disaster happens. There must be a concrete plan in any business, where normal business operations can be resumed as quickly as possible. Network security is mainly linked to the protection of safety, usability, and integrity of the network. An effective network is programmed to target a variety of threats and does not let them enter or spread the network.
Business data is a standout amongst the most treasured resources of any association. The success of companies, in the present competitive world, relies on the help provided by this data.

Owing to the production of a large amount of data regularly, companies are exposed to cyber threats which they have been attempting to manage adequately. Organizations are employing big data analytics for the protection of such valuable information. These professionals are working towards creating preventive advancements along with response service and managed detection.
These are the reasons why organizations are continually searching for people having exceptional capabilities and possessing astonishing information in data analytics. Today, there is a high demand for professionals who hold data science certifications, for example, a major data analytics certification.
Organizations have got much help from technological advancements in order to endure this century’s capitalist market economy. As a huge amount of data is being gathered from users of mobile devices and wearable technology, privacy has turned into a noteworthy concern nowadays.

Role of big data analytics in cybersecurity

By carrying out an in-depth analysis of the collected data, big data analytics in addition to machine learning, businesses ensure empowerment as it makes it simple for individuals to distinguish any sort of potential dangers to the organization’s integrity. So, statistical data helps in preparing baselines that portray abnormalities, if any present.
Moreover, entrepreneurs and even business managers can make out if there are any modifications in the norm by using the collected data. Latest predictive and statistical models along with possibilities can be made by using historical data through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Application of big data analytics in cybersecurity is a critical matter. Analysts can find out valuable information from data by misusing data from computers and networks. This analysis can be used by decision makers for making more useful decisions related to the actions that need to be taken, recommendations for improvement of policies, procedures, guidelines, tools and many other features of the network processes.

Examining the activity of an employee

It is fundamental to watch out for the activities of your employees so no issues emerge in connection with the standards of the organization. Employee system monitoring programs, created by big data analytics, have helped companies in their quest for keeping an eye on the conduct characteristics of employees.
Recently, numerous organizations have coped with integrity issues because of breaches associated with the workers. To evade such situations, big and small organization must not provide access to confidential information to all the employees. Access to sensitive data must be limited to only a few staff members.
It must be ensured that the employees use their logins alongside other system applications with the goal that they have access to the data that is permissible for them. Furthermore, to guarantee that there are no splits in the framework, human resource professionals and system administrators must cooperate so that every worker gets different login specifics relying upon their respective roles in the association.

Intrusion detection system and its popularity

Multi-factor authentication, Firewalls, and data encryption are widely used by organizations to ensure security. However, with the help of technological advancement, now there are other prudent ways that can be used to make the security considerably tight.
Incorporation of Intrusion Detection Systems is one way of managing it. These systems are exceptionally helpful in keeping a check on an organization’s system or other systems to distinguish any policy violations and vindictive activity. An IDS’s position is out-of-band on the network infrastructure.
Big data analytics is vital for providing data to check a company’s network. It is likewise helpful in the analysis of business prerequisites for settling on a more informed conclusion related to the placement of an IDS.

Dealing with cyber attacks

This is evident now that cybersecurity has an effect on all businesses and industries. It is a lot of business dealing with cybersecurity and it affects every team within an organization. It is just not a system issue, but also a people and technical issue. Today where every single organization depends on technology and telecommunication as it is the need of the modern environment, it is important “when” a case of cybersecurity breach occurs rather than “if”. It is very much essential to act quickly and systematically once a breach is discovered. If quick action is not taken on time, may pose a serious threat to the business or organization.
Not just business organizations but also government agencies can take benefit from big data analytics as well as machine learning for taking actions to control cyber-attacks. The need of the time is to build defenses to fight against sophisticated cyber aggression. It’s an ideal opportunity for big data to progress further to prevent cyber-attacks that are particularly originating from insiders.

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