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5 Tips to Protect Your Device from Malware

There has been an increasing number of mobile malwares as cybercriminals find a way to earn money. There are different malwares; some malwares gather sensitive data such as account numbers and passwords while others monitor banking transactions.

Someone who uses their device for work like accessing corporate network or sending and receiving emails might put the company’s data and network at risk if he/she doesn’t take appropriate security precaution. The risks that the company faces are fraud, data theft, data security compromise and reputational damage.

Every internet user should, therefore, know that internet can be dangerous if appropriate security measures are not taken. You can avoid all the risk by getting yourself the BitDefender Total Security 2018 because it will reduce the probability of downloading harmful malwares.


Here are some of the tips to protecting your device from malware.

Download apps from reliable sources

Not every app-downloading site is secure, and you should be careful when downloading apps from the internet. Downloading from a reliable source is crucial especially from android sources. Most malware developers target Android users, and you can be safe by considering safe stores such as Google play store or Amazon Appstore.

You can research the app before downloading. You can do that by getting to know about the developer and the apps they might have created before. You can also read user and professional reviews to understand any bugs or deficiencies in the app. Go through the details and perhaps you will know if there the description raises red flags. It might take some time to do that, but it’s worth it as your phone will stay malware-free.

Secure your device with a password

Cyber criminals create malwares to gather sensitive data or disrupt operations. You can start by securing your devices from outside intruders by setting up a password that will lock the screen. This step might not be a malware protection, but it will protect from spyware. This is a perfect way to protect your device from intruders.

Having passwords might seem a complicated thing when using devices many times to check for messages, play games or use apps, but it is a good thing to do if you want to keep intruders off from accessing sensitive data.

Sometimes you find yourself forgetting your phone in public places, and if you don’t have a password, anyone can use your phone.

There are a lot of developments in technology that has helped in increasing security. For instance, most of the smartphones nowadays have fingerprint instead of a password. This is the best security measure you can take to secure your data.

You can also go ahead and take measures in case your phone gets lost. You can install an app that can help in finding your phone should you lose it. You can try “find my phone” app. You can pinpoint the location of your phone using GPS. You can do this by login in the program from another smartphone or computer. The quicker you have your phone back, the fewer time hackers will have to crack the device and bypass the password protection.

Install malware protection

There is virus protection for a phone just like there are ones for a computer. Therefore, you can use these apps to protect your phone. More people are turning to a smartphone instead of computers, and we expect to see growth in malware that targets mobile devices. Therefore, the need for a protection program for mobile devices is becoming crucial. The most popular software for protecting your device is BitDefender. This program offers comprehensive and complete protection by filling the gaps. They have some fantastic BitDefender promotions to make sure that your phone is kept safe and with affordable price. There are many viruses, and anytime your phone can be attacked anytime. This program is the best for preventing malwares in 2017.

Keep your operating system up to date

You need to update your OS the moment a new version is released. Having an outdated operating system increases the chances of malware getting past your defenses. System developers usually struggle to be ahead of malware, and this ensures that you have protection. However, if you fail to update the software, then you won’t enjoy the benefit. Not only does updates protect from malware, but also ensures that your phone is operating in the best condition. Using a phone with outdated software is like driving a car with old brakes and tires.

Use personal firewall

You should use a personal firewall. It is like the firewall at the office. The firewall allows you to disable all ports to your mobile device and open the ones that you need.


As the use of smartphones keeps rising, so does the need for protection against spyware and malware. You need to take appropriate measures to protect your personal information and mobile device whether you want to keep off viruses or keep off any form of intrusion. Smart people know how they use their phone and can protect it from any form of malware threats. You should be aware of the tips above if you want to keep your phone virus-free in 2017 and years to come.

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