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3 Compelling Reasons to Start a Cybersecurity Business

serversNow is the time when more people need to start taking cybersecurity seriously.

In worst case scenarios, the power of hacking means tapping into airliner computer systems and interfering with navigation. Or it could mean altering the programming of an operating power plant. These are circumstances where peoples’ lives are immediately put at-risk.

Slightly less disturbing, yet still devastating, situations include data breaches like what happened with eBay and JPMorgan, where millions of users’ social security numbers and private information were compromised.

The good news with cybersecurity being catapulted into the spotlight is that more people are starting to realize the impact of doing nothing.

Big companies are investing more than ever into cybersecurity, and small businesses are seeking outside help to implement their own programs.

With such a big problem needing solved, there is plenty of opportunity to be the solution these businesses need. Below are 3 compelling reasons why now is the perfect time to start a cybersecurity-related business.

Overall Cyber Threats Will Continue to Increase

Hacking has certainly jumped in popularity over the last few years. The number of both good and bad hackers have increased along with it.

The bad ones have caught on as to just how easy it can be to breach a major network and cause disruption. If these hackers continue to be successful, which they will, then the overall number of cyber threats will keep rising. With technology being used just about everywhere, no one is truly safe.

A number of great software companies have popped up with network and vulnerability scanners to act as a strong first line of defense. Unfortunately, these are just one piece of the overall cybersecurity puzzle.

Businesses, both big and small, are willing to pay top dollar to keep their information protected, since a breach usually means a big black eye to their brand.

Companies Will Spend More on Cybersecurity than Ever

Don’t make the mistake of thinking cybersecurity is a one-and-done type deal, where you set it up and you’re good for life. Quite the opposite.

Cybersecurity is a long-term battle that consists of trying to stay one step ahead of the hackers, who are trying to do the same.

With the number of threats increasing, companies are going to have to keep forking out the cash if they want to remain protected. The other option would be to ditch their tech equipment. Technology isn’t really an option in this day and age, as staying competitive basically requires it, so that means businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to cybersecurity.

That’s where your expertise and potential business come into play.

Small Businesses Especially Need Your Help

As if things weren’t already scary enough, hackers are getting better every day at what they do. Many different types of malware are constantly evolving, and it requires true diligence to stay on top of your network’s safety.

Big businesses and financial powerhouses can afford to spend a ton of money to build their own team and manage the issue in-house. Many of these companies have entire organizations committed to cybersecurity.

Smaller businesses don’t have that advantage. Many of them are in the growth stage or fighting just to stay relevant. Being honest, cybersecurity is probably one of the last things on their mind. Nevertheless, it’s still a necessity.

These guys and gals need agile, affordable cybersecurity solutions who focus on only that day-in and day-out. In a rather short amount of time, you can easily become a subject matter expert and provide these companies with the assistance and assurance they need to feel comfortable that they’re covered.


If you’ve been looking for a business to start but haven’t come up with anything yet, cybersecurity should be on the top of your list. In addition to the 3 big reasons above, a business based on cybersecurity is something that’s likely going to be needed for the foreseeable future.

As long as technology continues to be an integral part of human life, there will be people trying to exploit it and others trying to defend it.

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