Camera Poles-A Must Read Buyer’s Guide

cameraCamera poles can serve many different purposes in the residential and commercial sectors. While some camera poles are used by municipal authorities to post security cameras or speed cameras, other camera poles are used for private businesses residential areas and private security. When purchasing camera poles, it is wise to think about what the purpose of the pole and the camera is before making a selection. Each of the considerations below should be thought over before a purchase is made.

Where Does The Pole Go?

When purchasing poles for any type of camera, it’s best to think about where the pole is supposed to go. The view that the camera has is very important to its effectiveness, and a pole that is too tall or too short could defeat the purpose having a camera mounted at all. The poles can also be too tall for the landscape. While it might be nice to mount a camera near some trees, the pole that the camera sits on cannot run into the trees or obstruct their growth.

What Capabilities Does The Camera Have?

A camera that swivels on its base tends to be larger and heavier than the camera that simply takes the same shot all day long. Therefore, the pole for the camera has to be broad and strong enough to hold up the camera. Using a skinny pole for a heavy camera is a recipe for disaster. Also, if the pole is too bulky for such a small camera, the investment is wasteful.

Are The Cameras For Security?

The problem with the poles used for cameras is that they must be designed for the type of work that the camera is supposed to do. A security camera is at risk of being tampered with or vandalized. Therefore, the pole for this type of camera must not be scalable by a vandal or thief. The type of camera that is designed for taking wide-angle videos of events or for other video production services should be made with anchors so that someone can climb the pole to get to the camera.

Are The Cameras Outside?

Sometimes, the poles for cameras are set up indoors. In this case, the camera and pole don’t need to be suitable for inclement weather. However, any camera or pole that is outside must be able to withstand strong winds, cold and hot temperatures and heavy precipitation. Purchasing a pole that is designed to take heavy winds, freezing cold and other inclement conditions will protect the camera that sits on the pole.

Is The Pole Temporary?

Sometimes, security cameras or video cameras are raised for special events or video shoots. In this case, the pole does not have to be expensive or fancy. As long as the pole will hold the camera being used, the pole can be installed, used and then removed. For temporary jobs, a camera pole can be much less substantial than if it were to sit in the same place all year long.

Is The Pole For Personal Use?

There are retractable poles that are made for personal use by professional photographers and videographers. Rather than purchasing industrial equipment, independent artists can use a pole that folds up or retracts for each travel.

Looking over each of these points will give the buyer an opportunity to purchase the type of camera pole that is best suited for their purposes. Not all cameras have the same purpose and their corresponding poles also have unique purposes. Rather than guessing, ask the following questions before making a purchase so that the purchase made is most appropriate for the situation.

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