Artificial Intelligence Is Fueling Industry Growth Amid Pandemic

AI has witnessed a roller coaster of success and setbacks, and from 1957 to 1974, it flourished. Now we live in the age of “big data,” where we have the capacity to collect huge sums of information and replicate human intelligence.AI has caught the attention of every possible industry and business vertical and helping them to scale higher during Coronavirus as well.

Are you still unsure of AI and its possibilities?

I agree and I too was, when the AI system was discussed with me…but gradually I understood and accepted the potential of this technology. But you don’t need to get worried when you know that I am here to enlighten you further with this post. You can discover numerous benefits different business verticals are receiving through the hands of the AI system.

Revolutionary technical advancement with AI

The vast number of benefits offered by mobile apps is not unbeknown to anyone, we all utilize the apps in our daily lives, for performing different actions. Further, to experience something bigger and better, the mobile app technology is in the constant run to help us.

In this wake, the AI-enabled features have transformed the face of app technology to a great extent. Now you must be wondering that how???

Have you ever thought that how do you get the recommendation on your Facebook account for new friends, or how come there is a suggestion for the new YouTube videos? This all is done through the AI system, which predicts suitable suggestions for your social accounts. And helps you experience the much-required recommendations in no time. Apart from this, with the help of AI-enabled features, app developers no more require to create complex codes. Also, with the AI, developers can regularly update app fitting the business environment.

Travel and Artificial Intelligence

Traveling means oodles of expenses, that everyone wants to cut down. We all look forward to getting the best economical deals which would not burn a hole in our pockets. But this could happen with ease when you get the recommendation, and that is where the AI comes forward. The AI-enabled chatbots feature, lets you book a flight or make your required travel arrangements at any point of time.

This very invention of the chatbots has helped the travel industry to come up with the best revenue generation scale across the global platform.

Banking with Artificial Intelligence

AI in Banking has opened a floodgate of opportunities for the users and the banks as well. In the situations when you are unable to visit your bank, or something like the current issue, where COVID-19 has caused lockdown, and not letting you move out. Banking with AI is the best solution. This saves users’ time and brings their trust in the bank’s services. The database of FAQs guides the users further based on such queries, and help them make smart decisions.

Healthcare with AI

The Healthcare sector has the maximum opportunities for AI. If you look around you can notice that now AI technology is utilized to predict diseases, identify high-risk patient groups, and automate diagnostic tests and accuracy of treatment. And amid COVID-19, the potential risks can be managed and help in breaking the chain of the virus. The combination of AI and ML is the reason behind scaling the success ladder in Drug discovery, Medication management, and robotic surgery.

Improved customer support amid COVID with AI

The stronger your customer support system is, the more your services would experience immersive user engagement. This is the fact; if you are offering the 24*7*365 cycle support to your customers, then it is helping your business to carve a niche for itself. However, during the virus spread it is hard to be managed, as it requires human efforts. But AI has got this issue sorted, and helps customers to get the support when they require it most.

Apart from these sectors, AI is scaling higher in the enterprise sector as well, and helping it bring rapid transformation in their ROI generation model.

Peak.AI has raised $12 M funding

Peak. AI is a startup, crafting AI solutions for enterprises, and it has received whopping $12 million funding. This funding would elevate Peak’s growth chart, commercial expansion, and R&D.

As there is still a low AI adoption rate in the U.S., only nine of about 50 companies are investing in AI strategy. Also, 68% of workers aren’t yet using tools that leverage AI. In such a condition, Peak is indeed helping businesses to transmute their operations for something better.

How Peak.AI is creating a difference?

Peak has implemented AI as SaaS, letting businesses use it in their infrastructure, data processing, workflow, and applications. The clientele list of Peak, like Pepsi and Marshalls, are using AI, to manage their supply and demand. Further, Peak has helped customers attain a 28% uplift in marketing revenues, and a 4 times increase in return on capital.

Final thoughts

Every industry has got the taste of AI technology and is generating higher ROI for their domain. If you too are willing to transform your existing business, then bringing it on digital mode with AI is the best choice.

Let your business get exposure and expertise of Artificial Intelligence with the help of a mobile app.

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