An Overview on the ULS Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

In this article, we are going to discuss the ultrasonic level sensors and transmitters. We will provide a brief overview on the basic operation principles of these units, highlight some unique features, and offer some ideal applications.

The series of the lasers are three series of general purpose ultrasonic laser transmitters with different level ranges.

– Series ULSS measuring ranges of 2 inches to 4.1 feet (5 cm to 1.25 m)

– Series ULSM measuring ranges of 4 inches to 9.8 feet (10 cm to 3 m)

– Series ULSL measuring ranges of 8 inches to 20 feet (10 cm to 5.5 m)

This series provides non-contact level measurement even in the harshest application environments. These are perfect for switch, pump off, valve control or fail-safe operations.

The switch control functions of the units are easily configurable throughout the measurement range of each unit via the calibration software and a USB adapter.

Series ULS provide an accurate, non-contact measurement of a tank’s liquid level by transmitting pulses of acoustic signals. These signals travel from the center to the surface of the liquid and then back to the center. This time-lapse is measured by the unit’s electronics and the exact distance from the sensor to the center of the liquid is calculated.

These sensors utilize mapping software to offer a narrow measuring beam of no more than 3 inches in diameter from the tip of the center down to the bottom of the tank, with no concerns to the pipes or other tank intrusions and agitations.

Application installation is also simple with this series and can be calibrated according to the specific tank dimensions using the software.

An ultrasonic level sensorfeatures a high chemical compatible PVDF transducer and a NEMA 6P polycarbonate enclosure, making it ideal for use with corrosive, sticky or dirty liquids and applications such as day tanks, sumps or process tanks.

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