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A good antivirus software is the solution to minimise the damage from viruses

antivirus-programIs your laptop slowing down? Is it acting funny and unusual? Are your files altered or misplaced? Welcome to the world of viruses. Just like in humans, viruses multiply, replicate and infect, in computers too; they reproduce and spread from one to another, damaging the health of your system. Laptops have become an essential element of everyday life and the survival without them or even with fault laptops is very difficult. Though laptop briefcases will protect your laptop a great deal from physical harm, antivirus is necessary to protect the software. Care needs to be administered to prevent viruses or effectively remove those that have already entered the machine for its maximum health.

  • Vulnerability of The Operating Systems

All laptops without an antivirus program are prone to virus attacks but since Windows is the most common operating system it has the highest vulnerability. Most viruses are designed to attack Windows, while Mac OS is number two on the list. Unix systems are able to avoid the harm from viruses as users are not required to log from administrator account often.

  • Installing an Antivirus Software and Updating

Installing an antivirus program means protecting your computer with a firewall from outside attacks. All programs you access or applications you try to download will be effectively scanned for the safety of your laptop. Numerous software are available such as AVG, McAfee, Symantec, Microsoft Security Essentials etc. and free ones work just as well as paid ones.

People usually don't download the program because of the amount of space it consumes and further causes slowing down of processes but it is essential to understand the importance of downloading antivirus software. When important tasks are being carried out one can always turn the program off for a while when there is no threat.

Usually when antivirus software is designed, virus creators make even stronger viruses which are able to circumvent antivirus’ capabilities. For this reason, the antivirus softwares are updated and ready to block all modern viruses.

  • Minimising Damage from Viruses

Even with antivirus programs installed we must still take care and plan a system recovery process just in case a virus somehow enters. The antivirus program could be turned off or not updated and an attack from outside may damage your files. For this reason it is strongly advised to back up all important data, just in case. Modern laptop accessories provide us with external storage devices which can be easily as well as CDs and DVDs.

Mostly all good antivirus software's are equipped with features allowing owner owner to completely remove a virus from the laptop and still be able to protect the files. Thus, scanning and following upon the functions can be a good recovery strategy but in some cases files may need to be deleted or the operating system may have to be replaced in several severe circumstances.

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