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Cloud Computing for Business Women

Cloud computing provides a company the convenience of technology in the ever-changing and competitive business climate. Whether people are on their tablets, mobile phones, or their computers, cloud computing allows access to information right at their fingertips. What is cloud computing and who can use it? To put it simply, […]


Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business People

Business people are traveling more today than ever before and a number of companies are hiring people who do not come to office but who complete their tasks remotely. Both of these groups of business people are in need of smartphone apps that will make their remote work easier and […]


Gaming Laptops VS Desktops

If you play a lot of video games it is necessary for you to have a strong PC. There has been a lot of discussion which is better for gaming - a laptop or a desktop. Stronger PCs generate much heat and should therefore need lot of space for coolers. […]

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The Smart Homes of Yesterday [Infographic]

Many of us spend our time looking to the future for ideas for innovation and invention, however you’d actually be better off looking into the past. This very interesting infographic-The Smarthomes of Yesterday-is a timeline style image that looks at how technologies have been predicted & created, how they’re currently […]


The Best Tools for Aspiring Artists

Awesome monitor Anyone working on digital art needs a high-end computer monitor to display projects as accurately as possible. Look for a computer with good resolution, and a large screen. There are different monitors depending on working style, so dig in and do the research when buying your monitor. Software/apps […]