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How to Reduce Stress as a Freelancer

Everyday life already has plenty of things happening that may induce stress in us. And that’s not even counting the issues that may arise with work. Too much stress can really eat at your health and work productivity. Stress can also negatively affect your relationships between your relatives and friends. […]

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Here's How to Keep Your Brain Young

There's a generally accepted assumption out there that the older you get the more sluggish your brain becomes. The vibrancy of youth gives way to the leathery and forgetfulness of middle age before senility eventually grips us in later life. This need not be the case. The remarkable thing about […]

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10 Simple Techniques to Release Stress

When you continue adding air to a balloon, it becomes bigger and bigger until it can take no more and, with a loud bang, it gives in to the pressure. Not much remains afterwards. Stress has the same effect on people. Too much, and harmful effects will surely follow. But […]

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How to Relieve Stress at Work

The work environment is quite stressful. The pressure of deadlines and the rapidly increasing stack of work can quickly become quite daunting. This builds up a constant exertion on our minds and we end up stretching beyond our limits, stressing out in leaps and bounds. And this has a negative […]


Manage Your Stress or Your Sex Life Will Suffer!

If you’ve turned on the TV in the last few years, then you’ve probably seen at least one advertisement portraying men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The problem is that in each and every one of these commercials, you’re likely to see a distinguished, gentlemanly actor with graying hair explaining the symptoms […]