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Six Quick Baby High Chair Safety Tips

Do you have a high chair for your child? If so, you probably use it like millions of other mothers use it around the world! According to recent research, injuries from high chairs or booster seats are increasing. This problem is really sending an increasing number of children for treatment […]


Top Design Hacks that Make Parenting Easier

Your life with your kids is a roller coaster of adventures. It all started with sleepless nights because newborn babies won’t stop crying. Then, they grew into sweet toddlers who always long for your hugs, kisses, and attention. Now, they carry their kinder backpack and rush to school where they […]


Decorating Your Home With Feng Shui

We’ve all heard about feng shui and the harmony it brings in life and at home. You want to know how to use it in your household to create a better environment? Here are some tips on feng shui life style. First of all, what is feng shui? Feng shui […]


Tips on Choosing Marble Worktops for Your Home

Marble is a material that ruled home improvement projects before granite become the most obvious choice for home owners. Marble still is a highly sought-after material and not only for worktops but also for home flooring. Marble instantly brightens up a space with its sheer elegance and richness. It has […]


How to Style Your Home With Mirrors

Mirrors play a significant role in the home. They come in varied shapes and sizes and are used for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Aside from being a means to see one's reflection, they also serve as decorative and artistic pieces that can light up any room. When placed strategically, […]


Reasons to Use Yellow for a Sunny Home

If you want to keep the sun in your home all year round, here are a few delightful ideas that will brighten up your entire place and, in particular, your living room, kitchen and bathroom. The yellow colour is very lively, energetic and refreshing. It shines with optimism, enlightenment and […]