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Tips to Avoiding Funeral Insurance Scams

It is hard to imagine dealing with the pain of losing a loved one and having to handle the funeral arrangements. It is extremely emotional and stressful to everyone involved. Now you take that stress and add in the fact that not every funeral service company is trustworthy, and you […]


What is Funeral Insurance?

Death and taxes: Nothing is more certain in life, and nothing is more foolish than not having the right kind of preparations in place to get ready for the time when you will need funeral insurance and cover for your death. There are a vast array of companies available today […]


Steps of the Life Settlement Process

Firstly, what is life settlement? According to alifesettlement.com, "Life settlements involve the sale of a life insurance policy by the policy owner to a third party. Increasingly, senior citizens engage in life settlement contracts because this seems appropriate, based on their personal financial goals. Often, the decision to sell a life insurance […]