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Technologies that will Enhance Internet in 2018

Even though 2017 was an eventful year in digital transformation, what changes we expect in technology in 2018 will be many and growing. Having just entered 2018, what’s ahead in digital transformation we can look forward to tech developments and trends that the year may bring. In 2018, Internet of […]

Green tech

Technologies, Stepping-up Smart Cities in India

As per estimates, majority of the world population will roost in urban environment by 2050. With the advance in technology, standard of living has improved a lot, and hence, more people are moving to cities in search of better employment opportunities. This situation has given rise to the need of erecting […]

High Tech Future Windows

High Tech Windows-Windows of the Future

The windows of a building are known to be the largest consumers of energy. Developers, builders, architects and home builders currently rely on reflective and energy efficient glass or low E-glass which makes use of a metallic coating to trap or reflect heat and light and thereby reduce energy costs. […]


Tech Innovations in 2014-What to Expect?

People's interest in newly developed smart and mobile technology, and their willingness to pay top dollar for the latest and greatest laptops, smartphones, and a whole host of other gadgets of never before seen performance and design are the main drive behind the ever changing smart technology and devices. Quick […]


The Problem With 3D Printed Weapons

The world took a sudden leap into the future recently, when a law student from Texas built - and fired - the world's first printed gun. Moments later, the blueprints were online and, by the time the Government ordered them to be taken down, had spread across the known internet. […]