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7 Tips for Better Team Management

When it comes to being in the position of managing a team, it takes a special kind of person to do it. That one person needs to own a perfect combination of skills, attitudes, and knowledge, in order to be able to coordinate each member of his team. He should […]


How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Keeping employees is almost a full time job. It costs more to hire a new employee than to keep an old one. Studies show, it can cost up to 9 months of a salaried employee's salary to replace him. Between ads for job openings, recruitment fees, and training costs, the […]

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Employee Motivation Strategies

Keeping your employees motivated is necessary to achieve an effective work area where everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, far too many company executives underestimate the importance of keeping their employees motivated. As a result, sales numbers drop and efficiency lowers. The good news is that there are simple methods out there […]


Health And Safety At The Workplace

For employees to work optimally, their safety must be assured. Safety at the workplace is an important aspect of work relations, and it is for this reason that most governments have put in place a legal framework that outlines the responsibilities of both employees and employers. The employer has to […]