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How Is Qatar Reacting To E-commerce?

Today, only if you’re in dire need of a commodity, then you go out to buy it immediately. But if you have a gestation period for the requirement, you use the applications on your mobile phone or laptop to order it. Be it groceries, clothes, appliances, or anything else – […]


3 Ways to Make Your Online Venture a Success

If you are planning on launching a business venture in 2017, you are almost certain to emphasise e-commerce and online sales. Make no mistake; almost every conceivable metric points to growth of e-commerce in the modern age, while the fact that 71% of consumers now feel as though they get […]


How to Build Efficiency into your Supply Chain

Regardless of how much you choose to invest in your business, it is amazing how even seemingly small details derail the best-laid plans. This is why every business owner, regardless of the precise sector in which they operate, should pay attention to detail and ensure that their core commercial strategy […]


3 Tips for Start-up E-commerce brands

The value of contactless sales more than trebled in 2014, and this underlines the significant evolution that is taking hold in the world of commerce. While this is helping bricks and mortar retailers to maintain their relevance across multiple markets, however, it is doing little to halt the rise to […]


The Origin and Rise of E-Processes

E-processes effectively rose in the wake of e-finance, which began with the development of several disparate elements, many of which were developed in isolation. As these individual elements progressed, they began to be tied together in networks. As these networks then in turn developed, transforming business models and interactions amongst […]


How E-operations Can Boost Revenues?

Today, there is one idea that is transforming how we conduct business: that idea is e-operations. Once just a theoretical concept discussed by academics, e-operations has now become a core topic at business schools, a key element of some MBA courses, and, more recently, a subject for consideration in popular […]


Customer Segmentation in Magento

The golden rule of marketing says that in order to be successful in business you first need to know what kind of message about your products you want to convey and who is the receiver of your message? E-marketing strategists are well aware of this rule, but they have come […]