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Top Salesforce Implementation Mistakes

Salesforce has proved itself to be a powerful tool for businesses. The scope of growth and potential to see a rise in revenue and customer base is huge, making it a must have tool for the sales and marketing divisions of companies belonging to a variety of background. Now, when […]


General Tips for Selecting the Right CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software empowers businesses to understand their customers, the market and how their products are performing in real-time. Knowledge is power, and companies need all the tools and resources they can get a hold of to outperform the competition. But not all CRM products are created equal. […]


CRM in the future: How should it be?

Few years before…CRMs were clunky, unmanageable, poorly designed and most importantly expensive! Automating the business process through the CRM was a distant dream. While the large corporations did manage to get hold of the CRM (with huge hardware and set up cost), small investors had to manage sales, marketing and […]

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Could CRM Software Sell Domains Faster?

Over the course of all domainers' careers, a myriad of online tools could help you sell domains much faster than word of mouth, although many of them are hard to navigate. These can include management aids, time tracking, document management, address books, or even call forwarding and hunt groups from […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your CRM Software Demonstrations

CRM software is designed to help you provide better solutions to your clients while improving the various processes in your company. However, most companies do not make proper use of CRM software and the problem starts right with the CRM software demonstrations. Ideally, CRM software demonstrations are done to help […]