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Practical Ideas About Cleaning a Fireplace

Winter is waving from not-so-far a “Hi” to you. It’s the perfect time for your furnace to have a beautiful makeover. The orange fire-sparks will be the enlightened glitters of your upcoming Christmas party. Plus the dirt and grime are supposed to be far away from your home for that […]


What to Avoid Near Fireplace Chimney

Chimneys have always been an indispensable part of human life. Some of the people think that almost less or nil maintenance of chimneys is required. The maintenance of the chimneys is one of the toughest works and is considered tougher than what masons do. A proper and regular maintenance work […]


How to Avoid Chimney Fires

If you are a regular wood stove user, you are at least aware of the hazard posed by chimney fires. The fact is chimney fires are a lot more frequent than you would think and cost property damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This is in addition […]


Indoor Fireplaces – an Overview

The concept of fireplaces has been there in one form or another, since the existence of ancient human civilizations. The fireplace you know today have been warming many homes since ages. Although, it has been through an array of evolution. The indoor fireplace that we know today is not just […]


Reasons Why You Should Install a Chimney Cap

The fireplace can make the room look extremely inviting especially on a cold, winter evening. In addition to adorning a room, a fireplace can reduce the heating bills of the house considerably. Therefore, a fireplace is an energy-efficient heating source. Also, a fireplace increases the resale value of a house. […]


6 Benefits of Using Gas Logs

A fireplace is a smart addition to a house. It is not only an efficient heating option but can also increase the resale value of the house considerably. Nothing can be better than relaxing in front of a fireplace on a cold, winter evening. Crackling flames heating the room can […]