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The Visible Approach to Marketing Products for Women

The two main methods for reaching consumers of either gender we call the “visible” and “transparent” approaches to marketing—plus a third or “hybrid” approach that combines the two. Each of these options can be highly effective in reaching women in particular. The success of one approach or another depends on […]


Online Merchandising Strategies

Building a profitable and scalable e-commerce business requires flexible merchandising and an effective infrastructure. Flexible merchandising (delivering value and quality in meeting customer needs) is covered in this article. Effective infrastructure (building efficient processes to create the information required for flexible merchandising) is covered later in the article. Flexible Merchandising […]


The Concept of Advertising in Small Business

Advertising consists of those activities by which visual or oral messages are addressed to selected public for the purpose of informing and influencing them to buy products or services or to act to be inclined favourably toward ideas, persons, trademarks or institutions featured. As contrasted with publicity and other forms […]


Top Benefits of SMS Marketing

With most people having mobile phones nowadays, short messaging services (SMS) have become an effective and pocket friendly way of communication. Businesses can greatly benefit from this service by embracing SMS marketing. With your mobile phone, you can either send a message or call someone anytime. SMSs have actually become […]


Advice on Planning an Exhibition Display

Exhibition displays provide an invaluable opportunity for business organizations in any industry, enabling them to create a retail experience that effectively brings the customers to them. What’s more, it’s a retail experience that makes the customer or potential client feel as if they are in the driving seat, without all the […]


High Touch or High Tech Marketing?

The key universal marketing strategy to guarantee success is…there is none. If there was one formula to follow then I think we would all know about it by now. However that's not to say there aren't tips and tricks to perfecting a strategy that works just right for you. Just […]