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Why blogging is important

Why Blogging Is Important for Business

You have started your own business, created a great website and have introduced your company to the internet world. Awesome! What Next? Everybody completes the first few quintessential steps for the beginnings of a business, and after the initial exhilaration, begin fretting about insufficient customers or business deals. Why? What […]


7 Crucial Characteristics Of a Successful Blogger

At first glance, blogging looks like a fairly straightforward activity. After all, writing a short blog post doesn’t look like it requires too much effort. It’s just a matter of regularly posting “something” to the blog and the readers will keep turning up — right? Most bloggers quickly discover that […]


The Unspoken Realities of Being a Blogger

When you look to the glamorous photos on a blogger’s social media account and read the content they create, you think what an amazing life they have. How great it is to have companies send you freebies while you spend the day writing a couple of posts, in between holding […]


A Guide On How To Start A Blog

The whole wide web of the world is full of guides on starting the first blog and if you are looking for one such guide, you have come to the right place! This guide is really simple, easy & comprehending. We will lead you throughout the process of launching a […]


4 Dark Secrets Of Blogging No One Tells You

Blogging is the dream job of many people these days, since we see everywhere success stories of people like you and me who started blogging. After all, to be a blogger seems to be similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s idyllic life: you spend your day buying designer shoes, sipping Cosmos with […]


11 Tips to Improve Online Marketing in 2017

Last year was a year marked by changes in the position of Internet, and in 2016 we face now, the trend will continue along the same path. Everyone digital moves at a vertiginous speed, so holding hands is not the most recommended strategy, whether it is intended to maintain the […]

Web design

10 Best WordPress Free Themes for 2017

WordPress is a great platform to launch your business site or your personal portfolio or making an online presence. So all those people who are new to WordPress, you don’t need to be a master of WordPress. Just a bit of WordPress knowledge with a functional theme & you are […]


5 Powerful Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs

If you want to achieve early success as a solopreneur, it’s imperative to implement a powerful marketing strategy that you can rely on at every turn of the road. While some people are naturals when it comes to marketing and related tasks, others have to work harder to get on […]