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Change Lives As A Volunteer

While the extent of most non-African citizen’s understanding of this grand continent is limited to The Discovery Channel or National Geographic, there are better opportunities to immerse yourself in Africa’s rich culture at the click of the mouse. This opportunity is one of purpose, transcending the role of a mere […]


Why Plastic Recycling is Key for Businesses

Approximately 100,000 to 200,000 tonnes of collectible post-use PVC waste is produced annually in the UK. These materials are perfectly suitable for recycling and re-use, but instead much of it is still sent to landfill where it does not break down easily because many plastics are non-biodegradable. The following guide […]

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The Benefits of a Garden Office

For those who work from home, a garden office could be a great way to stay focused while also enjoying the great outdoors and getting invigorating fresh air and sunshine that keeps you focused. There are many benefits to having a garden office at home, and just a few of […]


Ways to Remove Skunks from Your House

Are skunks creating nuisance in your house? Though skunks are harmless creatures, you must not allow them to come close to you. Otherwise you may have the risk to get a dose of obnoxious smell, or you may be bitten by them and suffer from rabies disease. These creatures are […]

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The Rhinos in The Kruger Park

As the third-largest land mammal, the rhino is an integral part of the Kruger Park safari experience. However, the unprecedented number of rhinos being poached owing to a demand for their horns in Asian countries such as Vietnam means that they’re facing extinction. This article examines the differences between South […]