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Review of the Top 3 Golf Laser Rangefinders

With the introduction of PinSeeker, PinHunter, and First Target technologies, laser rangefinders have become much easier to use than their predecessors. A laser rangefinder can improve your game in many ways from knowing how far you hit each club to measuring distances to hazards so you can avoid them. Below […]


6 Things You Should Know About Google Analytics

People says “Knowledge is power” and its true. In today's technology-dominated age, the tech-giant Google has offered us with various productive tools to induce a clear view of big picture. Tool like Google Analytics is used to analyze traffic rate, because it helps accurately pinpoint the progressions. As useful as […]


5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Saunas

For anyone who hasn’t taken a sauna before, the benefits of taking one isn’t immediately obvious. How is going into a hot environment to sweat going to help the body? There are actually many unexpected health benefits to taking a saunas on a regular basis. Here are 5 of the […]

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Fun Activities for Teens in Las Vegas

In the past, Las Vegas was typically known as an "adults only" destination. The gambling and other activities that were generally available didn't exactly portray the city as a family-friendly destination. Fast forward a few years and add a healthy dose of strategy and rebranding and you have the Las […]


Insider Tips from Sports Professionals

Betting on sport is not easy; it might seem as if anyone can make an easy pound or two when we here friends bragging about their successful gains, but you never hear about the losses. If it's possible, leave your betting as late as possible, which gives you a chance […]