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Resolution to be Good to Your Heart

According to the leading cardiologist, the favorite resolutions are those related to your health. Losing weight, a better diet, more exercises are some of the noble pursuits. However, for most people, these grand January gestures will end in an unused gym membership in March. But this doesn’t have to be […]


Key Attributes of Cloud Solutions that Help Augment Call Center Growth

The traditional call center technology involved heavy iron on-premise solutions that required huge efforts of teams. Individual support teams were required to look after management, installation, and configuring the entire infrastructure that consisted of inflexible systems. In spite of support from multiple datacenters these solutions had no place for any […]


What Can Extermination Services Do For You?

When you think about your home, you think of a safe haven that protects your family from harm. So you work really hard to keep it clean and free from disease-causing threats. But sometimes we don’t realize that the threats live with us, lurking in the smallest of spaces. In […]