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Stock Market Investing for Beginners

The stock market is the accumulation of buyers and sellers of shares listed in the stock exchange. These shares are equity that buyers have in the corporation. In other words ownership of a corporation; the claim one has to a portion of the corporation's assets. Therefore, the more stock you […]


The Stock Market is Tumbling. What Next?

People love to play the stock market. I always found it intriguing that we use the word ‘play' when referring to investments that can leave us high and dry in a matter of minutes. The truth is, however, that we actually do ‘play' the markets. Dropping our dollars into a […]

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Prominent Back-end Frameworks to Consider in 2022

While the front-end constitutes the visual part of an app, the back-end is responsible for the app’s functioning. And, a back-end/ server-side framework is a library containing tools and modules that create the architecture of a website or an application. Unlike front-end development that involves creating/implementing the client-side of an […]