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5 Smartphone Expenses You Can Avoid

There are smartphones, and there are accessories. Ever since the advent of mobile phones, the market for accessories has expanded by leaps and bounds. The sales of phone accessories fetch huge profits, given their range of utility. Mobile paraphernalia are largely usage-specific. For example, you have mobile phone car mounts […]


Top 5 Smartphone Car Mounts

With the drastic increase in the usage of smartphones all over the world, it is usually observed that people are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their devices. All the major companies of smartphones are noticeably increasing phone sizes on customer’s demands but it is, unfortunately, making […]


Best mobile VoIP apps for smartphones

Voice over Internet protocol that also goes by name VoIP has come to the rescue for those who believe in talking on call all day long but are restricted because of the high call rates and bills. It is one of the most easy and low-priced mediums to communicate and […]


Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business People

Business people are traveling more today than ever before and a number of companies are hiring people who do not come to office but who complete their tasks remotely. Both of these groups of business people are in need of smartphone apps that will make their remote work easier and […]